Iranians Erase Graffiti On U.S. Embassy – End Of An Era

Ever since the revolution which deposed the U.S. puppet dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Iranian Shah, one phrase has been tied to the theocratic government more than any other: “Death to America.” After the United States closed our embassy in Tehran, the building had become a symbol to the Iranians of the oppression of the Shah. The walls of the U.S. Embassy were then covered with graffiti murals, sayings, and much of if dominated by that famous phrase, “Death to America.”

Walls of the US Embassy in Iran from 2008, photo CC by Phillip Maiwald

Walls of the US Embassy in Iran from 2007, photo CC by Phillip Maiwald

In the wake of the new-found hope of renewed friendship between the two nations, now the walls of the U.S. Embassy look dramatically different today after Iranian men began cleaning off the decades of graffiti.

This shift in U.S.-Iranian relations could eventually have a formal restoration of relation, similar to what has happened between the United States and Cuba. This is viewed as a strong positive by the people of Iran, who have long been listed as friends of the United States. Until the United States overthrew the democratically elected government to impose a dictator, thanks in part to British insistence over oil and natural gas rights in the region, Iran was indeed our strongest ally in the region, if not the world. Then the United States put the Shah, a puppet dictator, in control of the nation, and so we cast the dice to decide upon the future of Iran.

Will we reopen our embassy within Iran? Only time will tell. But, for this moment, for the first time since the presidency of Jimmy Carter, we can hold out hope. After all, the United States needs its truest, and oldest, friends.

Featured image via Iranian news