In Latest Attempt To Start A War, Israel Claims Iran Is Sponsoring Rocket Attacks

Israel is running out of options to stop the accord which would avoid the United States going to war with Iran. This is most clearly demonstrated by their latest saber rattling, claiming that Iran has launched rockets at it, from Syria.

This is how Israel’s argument works. A rocket was launched against them from Syria last Thursday. Immediately, Israel claimed it was launched by Islamic Jihad, and coordinated by an Iranian general, not identified. They then responded by attacking a Syrian village on the Golan heights.

The problem with this scenario is the number of assumptions Israel has to make.

For one, Islamic Jyhad did not claim credit for the attack, and denied any involvement. This is abnornal for the group, which relies upon such public claims in order to bolster their support. Furthermore, Islamic Jyhad is centered around Gaza, making an attack from Syria completely out of character.

Next, the claim of an Iranian general coordinating these attacks is based on some particularly weak material. Israel effectively has blamed every single event along this area upon Iran, including several assassinations of Lebanese targets revealed later to have been done by Israel itself. That this is happening in the middle of the Syrian civil war makes attempts to blame any single group suspicious. That Israel was so quick to blame Iran makes their claim even less credible.

When we tried to track down the claimed “Iranian operative” who handled the attacks, one Saeed Izaadhi, no records of him exist before Israel put his name out there. When one goes over the Israeli claims for his education and skills however, a match does come up – Saeed Isadi, an Iranian research assistant currently living in Virginia. Saeed graduated with an Aerospace Engineering degree from Amirkabir University of Technogoly, Tehran in 2011, and now is studying for his doctorate at Virginia Tech.

Hard for him to attack Israel from within commuting distance of Washington DC. It appears that Israeli “intelligence” used a name which had the required skills and whom left Iran at the right time to pin the blame on this attack. A few minutes of research hurt Israel’s claims, as no other person of this name with the listed skills is listed anywhere. It appears that Israeli intelligence made an error, grabbing an innocent person’s name, and blamed him for the attacks.

With Israel’s already proven attempts to destroy the US-Iranian nuclear accord, this looks to be more of the same. Now Israel is grasping at straws to find anything with which to force the United States to enter into a war with Iran. Israel needs to stop trying to halt peace in the middle east. The consequences for the Lukid government run by Benjamin Netanyahu in the long term could be catastrophic.

Featured image via Israeli Defense Force