Cornel West Endorses ‘Brother’ Bernie Sanders, Chastises Donald Trump

Cornel West, leading civil rights activist and intellectual scholar, has endorsed “brother” Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in 2016.

West tweeted that his support for Sanders comes from his long and extensive work with civil rights:

 “I endorse Brother @BernieSanders because he is a long-distance runner with integrity in the struggle for justice for over 50 years.”

West’s endorsement comes at a crucial times for Sanders. Although his poll numbers are rising, he still has not outpaced frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and his recent stumbles with Black Lives Matte protestors have left many African-American voters unsure of the Senator from Vermont.

Calling his voice “prophetic,” West affirmed his supporters that his endorsement of Sanders is not an endorsement for the “neo-liberal” Democratic Party or the occupation of Palestinian land by the Israelis, another issue that hangs over Sanders’ shoulders.

While stating his support for Sanders, West also chastised Donald Trump for being…. well… Donald Trump. While Donald Trump has authenticity, West tweeted, he lacks integrity.

First West called Trump out on his hypocritical positions of immigration, referencing the fact his mother (who was Scottish) would have been excluded from ever being in the United States if his vision was put in place at an earlier time. He called Trump’s attacks on Mexican immigrants “unconscionable” and “nativist.”

West also tweeted that Trump’s  “unpatriotic complicity” with big money in politics calls in to question his commitment to ‘make America great again.’

While both candidates are “breaths of fresh air” (per say), only one seems to have the interest of the nation as a whole at heart, and Cornel West recognized that.

Cornel West, who describes himself as a “non-Marxist socialist” and sits as honorary chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America, has publicly severed his support of President Obama calling him a “counterfeit” progressive. If West feels President Obama is a faux progressive, he must really, really see something special in Sanders.

This endorsement will only help Sanders repair his image with many of those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Image a screen shot via the Laura Flanders Show