The Man Josh Duggar Used For His Ashley Madison Account Might Sue

Serial molester and now-exposed adulterer Josh Duggar may not be out of the woods yet. It was just recently exposed that Duggar had a secret account on infamous Ashley Madison, a website for people looking to cheat on their spouses. Duggar, under the name “Joe Smithson,” made a rookie mistake – he used a fake profile picture.

And the guy who Duggar used now wants to sue for defamation of character.

Matthew McCarthy, a Hollywood DJ and producer, fell victim to Duggar’s impersonation. Because of the hack, which exposed the profile containing the image of McCarthy, one of the clubs he DJ’d for cut ties with him.

According to

McCarthy subsequently told Gawker that he first learned Josh used his picture when a high school friend of his tipped him off on Facebook. Apparently someone swiped his picture back in 2010 and uploaded it to a WordPress blog under the title “Random Guy from Facebook (4).” Apparently other cheaters have swiped that picture in the past five years; Josh is only the highest-profile one to do so. He wants Josh to “stop lying, stop cheating, stop pretending to be other people”–and above all, “stop using my pictures.”

So we know Josh Duggar is a molester, a cheater, and now he’s a fraud. A fraud who has caused damage to another person professionally and personally. That’s how little the high and mighty “Christian” Duggar feels about his fellow man. This is the guy who lectured the rest of us on how to be a good, moral person.

I hope McCarthy sues, and I hope it sends Duggar into a tailspin of legal and financial woe. Considering his past (and present) indiscretions make him nothing but a con man, along with his equally conniving parents, he deserves everything he has coming to him.

Here’s to hoping everything works out for Matthew McCarthy!

Featured image via video screen capture from ABC News