U.S. Told To Clear Out Of Key Strategic Base – Keys Being Handed To China

In 2009, the United States finished construction of a Navy base in Obock, Djibouti. A secondary base to the single largest base within Africa, the former French Foreign Legion outpost of Camp Lemonnier, which the United States took over in 2001, the Obock base is in a key location controlling the entrance for the Suez Canal. This base was built to include docking facilities for Navy vessels as well as a radar installation.

And now, the U.S. Navy has been told to vacate, so that the Chinese military may move in.

Several web links to the project have vanished from the internet. Also, more ominously, the webpage for the more critical base of Camp Lemonnier is also failing to load. What information that can be found on the Department of Defense website shows an anticipated plan of growth, with no anticipated order to vacate. Instead, the United States has been kicked out of the very Naval base we have built, and the occupancy has been handed over to China.

While it has been known for some time that China has been eyeing a facility in Djibouti, that they were to take over a U.S. sevice facility, rather than construct their own, came as a complete surprise. It shows more than anything the reduced standing the United States now holds in the world as a result of its misguided and bungled wars in the middle east.

Russian owned media sources have now begun questioning if the United States will accept the deal, or if, as journalist Thomas Mountain put it:

…don’t be surprised if we wake up one morning and find that in the name of “democracy” there has been a military coup in Djibouti.

We will see if his grim warning is foresight or paranoia. With U.S. involvement in military coups over such matters, it may not be too far-fetched.

Featured image: Chinese sailors honoring SECNAV Ray Mabus, Public Domain via U.S. Navy