Huckabee Makes Push For Super-State Of Israel Covering Entire Middle East (VIDEOS)

During his recent visit to Israel, the 2008 runner-up for the GOP nomination, Mike Huckabee, was sounding the war drums once more. Initially, he forgot that the Soviet Union broke apart 25 years ago, claiming, before correcting himself, that Iran was buying an air defense system from the long disbanded Communist state.

In another conference, Huckabee claimed new territory for Israel, not only failing geography entirely but also opening up new opportunities for our enemies abroad.

The Ancient Sumeria he claims as part of Israel is actually modern day Iraq. By claiming territory stretching from the West Bank all the way to Iraq as part of Israel, and that as president he would press for Israeli control over these areas, in effect Mike Huckabee is endorsing an idea which would displace people on a scale never seen before. It is a pure call for genocide not just against the Palestinians, but Syrians, Jordanians, Saudis and Iraqis as well.

With these gaffes, first on the existence of the Soviet Union, then on the call for a Greater Israel, Huckabee demonstrates his usual ineptitude on any subject before him. From biblical verses to geography, Huckabee continues to make a mockery of himself. However, in the case of claiming Sumeria for Israel, he is making a ploy which might seem like buffoonery, but could be something grander.

A small group of fundamentalist Christians in this country believe that only through restoring “historical Israel” can the End Times¬†be upon us. These doomsday cultists, such as Huckabee, seek the oblivion from Armageddon – firm in their belief that they and they alone will be spared. The rest of the world’s population to them is nothing but a blood sacrifice for a god who hungers for their flesh.

Some radicals such as Hillel Weiss and Meir Kahane have been pushing for such a Greater Israel for decades. These forces are behind Israel’s continuing illegal settlement program in the West Bank, and the actions against Gaza.

Huckabee with his call for Israeli conquest to the Euphrates river has created a far more dangerous undertone for this presidential campaign. By doing so within Israel itself, he has made it clear to America’s enemies that we have no cares for the people of the Middle East, and seek only the genocide throughout the region. This is precisely the message which organizations as ISIS and Al Qaeda have rested upon, and here comes Huckabee giving them exactly what they wanted – an American leader calling for the continuing growth of Israel.

 Featured image CC by Gage Skidmore