Hundreds Dead After Syrian Regime Bombs Civilians Over Weekend

Over this past weekend, people in the Syrian town of Douma were going about their usual business, visiting markets for their nightly family meal. The marketplaces were bursting with men, women and children all doing their routines, when warplanes tied to the Assad regime reportedly launched missiles into the market. Then once rescuers had rushed in, a second attack took place, as if deliberately targeting those who had come to help.

The resulting death toll, now in the hundreds, has had some observers calling it an “official massacre.” The full death total has not yet been established, nor will it be for several more weeks as people sift through the rubble. The families of those missing must fear for the worst, as the Assad regime keeps up its relentless attacks against any it views as suspect.

Some footage alleged to be the immediate aftermath of the attack was posted to YouTube by a group called the Syrian Civil Defense in Damascus Countryside has now been posted as well.

In the wake of these attacks, Assad’s strongest ally, Iran, has stepped in to force a peace accord. The initiative, according to anonymous sources, would involve a cease-fire with a power sharing ageement between the rebels and Assad. It would be followed with open elections monitored by the UN. As both of these groups have lost major ground against Daesh, known as the Islamic State, there is common interests from which they can reach an agreement.

What is now being called the Douma Massacre is one of the bloodiest events in a civil war which has already cost the lives of nearly a quarter of a million Syrians. This war has caused the emergence of ISIS and the reshaping of power throughout the region. And through it all, Assad has denied the very atrocities which his men have engaged in.

How many more children to mothers have to buried before enough is enough, and for this madness to end?

Cover Image – Screenshot of attack’s immediate aftermath