American Style Creationism To Be Taught By Korean University

American fundamentalist Christianity is on the march. Already having exported their extremist ways to Africa, resulting in an upcoming trial for crimes against humanity for one American fundamentalist, now they have set their eyes upon Asia for their next target.

The prestigious Yonsei University, one of the three SKY universities in South Korea, has added a new course on Creationism this fall for students. In the syllabus, the course was created for those who “often experience conflict between the words of the Bible and their scientific understanding,” and to help the students “find the parts of the Bible that can be tested scientifically and aid Biblical understanding through a scientific approach to creationism and evolution.” Within the course, students can expect to cover topics such as “the emergence of life,” “the origin of species,” “creation and evolution,” and dinosaurs.

According to Professor Choe Yoon-shik, the man who developed and is teaching the course, the program has nothing to do with religious dogma, and exists only to help people of faith cope with the modern world.

“As a Christian studying and teaching engineering, I have often had to think about faith and science. My aim is to talk about these concerns with students – not to try to boost creation science.”

Note his phrasing, the professor here teaches engineering. Not theology, not history, but engineering. For him to even attempt to teach such a class is laughable on its face. And prospective students feel the same way. Some comments on the introduction of the class have been far less than gentle on the professor.

“It is an international embarrassment that subjects like that are being taught at a university.”

“If we accept a course like this, we should also be accepting African voodoo practices as medicine.”

The program is modeled on similar systems created within the U.S. and exported to other nations. The Korean Association for Creation Research has managed to have this topic introduced at other schools by simply failing to put the phrase “creation science” in the title of the course. This then causes backlash when the courses true nature is discovered, as they explained.

“It’s been accepted somewhat at mission schools, but there have been issues in the past where the schools don‘t recognize it and then it becomes known later what the class was about, so they tend to be cautious.”

The exporting of U.S. anti-intellectualism and anti-science is problematic on many levels. With the failure of policy in Africa due to the fundamentalist exports, it is clear that the anti-American fundamentalists have a goal for a one-world religious dominionist order. A worldwide Taliban or ISIS, all thanks to the United States.

This class is not suitable for an academic institution. For any credibility to be salvaged, the very idea needs to be abandoned.

Featured image collage by Elisabeth Parker