Jury To ‘YouGotPosted’ Nude Photo Revenge Website Owner: You Just Got Convicted, Scumbag (VIDEO)

They don’t come much more disgusting than this creep. As soon as the jury came back with 27 guilty verdicts for extortion and identity theft against the website owner and operator, Kevin Bollaert, of “yougotposted.com,” the judge revoked his bail and told him to stand. At which time he was immediately handcuffed as the court informed him that his sentencing would take place on April 3rd. He is facing 20 years in prison and hopefully he will have no access to the internet while incarcerated. The prosecutor argued that Bollaert “was just too dangerous to be allowed to roam the Internet while free.”

Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video of Kevin Bollaert in court at time of the reading of the jury verdict

Bollaert was the first prosecuted under the  law signed in 2014 by Governor Jerry Brown (the ‘eraser law’). The law has drawn much debate about privacy versus free speech as has President Obama’s Internet Bill of Rights last year.

So what exactly did Bollaert do? In 2012, this tool set up a now defunct website called “yougotposted.com,” encouraging all those jilted and angry men to post any private nude or sexually explicit photos of their ex-lovers to his site. As part of the posting rules, one had to provide personal information about the subject of the photographs, including names, home, business and email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook and other social media links along with the once private photos. Bollaert had over 10,000 photos uploaded on his site along with the identity of all the victims for the world to peruse and use. And that is exactly what happened. Perverts trolling the web found these private moments plastered on the website and began calling and harassing the thousands of women.

Photo courtesy of Salon.com

Photo courtesy of Salon.com

All the women had a few things in common: They were victims, they were violated and they were humiliated. The threats that accompanied the humiliation led some to contemplate suicide as others lost their jobs.  Some set about finding justice in their own personal way, while others begged the website owner to remove the photos. One young lady testified that she had been kicked out of her home:

“It ruined my life and I’m still going through it. I lost my family. They think that I brought shame on them. My reputation is ruined.”

It didn’t end there. Bollaert then set up a second website called “changemyreputation.com.” This website claimed to be able to help remove the photos for a $350 fee. Bollarert then began extorting money from desperate women hoping for relief. The women had no idea that when they paid the second site that both websites were owned and operated by the same piece of excrement. They simply wanted their privacy back and the pictures taken down. The longer they were up on the site, the more of a chance they would be disseminated to others and nothing would be able to undo or lessen the damage done to these women.

Sadly, there are many sites currently being operated that provide a forum for these men with little penis issues and given what we know about how difficult it is to patrol the web, this is going to be a long and difficult, if not impossible, journey for many of these women. Several states have set out to put an end to these revenge sites, but it is like closing the barn door after the farm animals have made their escape. I could preach about keeping things private, but that really isn’t the issue. Most of these were not hacked photos  (although that is an issue that is also spiraling out-of-control), these are vile revenge-seeking asses trying to humiliate women (and men) who have left them for one reason or another.

This jury provided us with a moment of relief and a feeling a justice. I applaud the investigators, prosecutor, the judge and the jury and my heart goes out to the women (and men) who were and are being violated. Here’s to the full 20 years.  Are you listening judge?  This might scare the rest of the creeps out there trolling innocent women (and men … and children).

Here is the VIDEO: