We All Poop, But If You Can Pass A Poop Test You Can Earn Enough To Pay For College AND Save Lives

While we all poop and hopefully we are all regular, few of us get paid for doing so. But like sperm, eggs, or blood, one’s stool can be sold for profit, but there’s a catch. You have to have the perfect waste product that the company OpenBiome is looking for, and they are very particular. Co-founder Mark Smith has quipped:

“It’s harder to become a donor than it is to get into MIT.”

While over a thousand would-be donors have inquired into donating, only 4% have passed the test and qualified, making about $13,000 yearly for their donations. But each of their donations help three or four patients nationwide.

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

Photo courtesy of The Washington Post

This two-year-old company has been shipping their product around the country to be administered to individuals who have contracted the deadly bacterial infection, C. difficile. You may have heard of this; it’s sometimes called “the hospital infection.” When a patient is taking antibiotics, good gut germs can be destroyed. C. difficile bacteria can be transferred from a healthcare provider to the patient, and the elderly and others with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of illness and death. It may be helping someone with colitis, which is an inflammation of the colon that makes it very uncomfortable for many to just leave their home to attend to normal life activities.

So how is C. difficile treated? A transplant of healthy feces into the colon of the sick individual has proven to be effective. Enter OpenBiome with just the perfect product, which is now available in capsule form.

Where does OpenBiome get the perfect sample? Currently, they have been getting the majority of their healthy providers from Tufts University (Boston), and the gym next door to the facility. It seems they have a good success rate of finding just the right amount for now. But as their demand increases, so will their needs for more movements by the donating group or more members donating. Currently they pay $40 a sample with a $50 weekly bonus if you can supply them with five a week.

What makes up the perfect sample? A rigorous screening process is conducted to find healthy specimens that meet all the requirements for donation.

Photo courtesy of infonet-biovision.org

Photo courtesy of infonet-biovision.org

There are many facts about poop that I wasn’t aware of before researching this article. For instance, did you know that the ideal poop is a continuous log and sinks? How about roughage? Did you know that a good specimen has plenty of plant fiber.  Did you know that the brown color  is based upon dead red blood cells and bile?  And other colors may indicate illness?

So, if you are regular and you pass their screening test (really, it’s your sample that will be doing all the hard work), you might be able to shave over 10 grand off your tuition bill. And you will be doing a good deed, too.

On a personal note, my mother was in and out of the hospital in the months before her passing and suffered terribly from C. difficile. While this article has a humorous note, the misery that bowel infections cause are not a laughing matter and while most that donate claim they do so for the money, the recipients are extremely grateful.


H/T Rachel Feltman, The Washington Post