RI Teacher’s ‘School Is Closed Due To Snow’ Message Using ‘Frozen’ Parody Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Matt Glendinning, head teacher at Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island, began planning for the first winter storm several weeks ago, not suspecting that #snowmaggeddon2015, aka the Juno snowstorm, was going to be the ‘Big One’ and was just a few weeks away.

His plan was to take the song, ‘Let it Go’ from “Frozen,” the movie, and sing along with his own words letting the school’s students know that the school would be closed for a snow day. Not only is ‘Frozen’ the highest grossing animated film of all time, but it was also the most downloaded movie from Apple last year. It seems every child knows the song and just about every adult has heard it, at least once, but probably multiple times. So, for Mr. Glendinning, it was a simple choice for a snow message.

The students wrapped up filming last Friday and over the weekend heard that a snowstorm might be moving in during the early part of this week. Timing is everything.

Mr. Glendinning had to admit that prior to filming the parody, he had not seen the movie and had not heard the song. (He must live in a cave when he isn’t at school).

“I did finally watch it this past Friday night and now I can’t get the song out of my head.”

Welcome to our world, Matt Glendinning.


Here’s the wonderful VIDEO

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