Cheating Husband Has Penis Cut Off TWICE With Scissors, And This Time It’s Really Gone (VIDEO)

“The first cut is the deepest, Baby I know—
The first cut is the deepest
‘Cause when it comes to being lucky, she’s cursed
When it comes to lovin’ me, she’s worse
But when it comes to being loved, she’s first
That’s how I know
The first cut is the deepest.” ~Cat Stevens

Well in this case, it may have been the second cut.

The tale of love, marriage, children and cheating, coupled with a very sharp pair of scissors makes for quite a story.

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(L)Fan Lung outside of hospital; (R) Lung and Hung at hospital–photo courtesy of

It begins with a 32-year-old foolish man, Fan Lung, father of five, using his wife’s cell phone to send love messages to his 21-year-old mistress, Zhang Hung (no pun intended). That was, perhaps, his first mistake. The second may have been when he left the messages on the phone for his 30-year-old wife to see them.

As Lung slept, his wife made her way to their bed, and with a pair of (hopefully) sharp scissors, she hacked off her husband’s member. He was rushed to the hospital where his cheating “friend” was successfully reattached. But when fate, love and a scorned wife are involved, the story simply can’t end there.

As Lung lay in bed recovering, his wife secretly made her way to his hospital room and grabbed his healing manhood and with her tool of choice, a pair of scissors, and removed his tool completely. She then heaved the entire thing out of the hospital window to the street below in the town of Shangqiu, China.

The hospital apparently was unaware of this mayhem until a naked man was reported beating up on a woman as he bled from his private regions in front of the hospital. The couple (term used very loosely) was taken back into the hospital where Lung was tended to by medical staff. He had lost quite a bit of blood and unfortunately, his penis. Although a search was made for the lost item, it is believed an animal (perhaps a dog or cat) had run away with it.

Hung has come forward to sit by the bedside of her lover. She claims his loss is of no importance to her as he has already fathered 5 children and she still intends on marrying him.

She has an advantage that wife number one did not: Hung knows Lung won’t be able to share his “love handle” with another younger woman. Those days have come and, thanks to wife number one, are gone.

The Second Cut is the most permanent…. A new song, perhaps?

Here’s the video reporting the incident. Story begins at the :15 mark: