Miami’s Ocean Bank Loan Officer Gets Arrested After Being Caught On His Own Hidden Camera (VIDEO)

Well, finally! They’ve arrested a bank employee for criminal activity. Unfortunately he wasn’t arrested for stealing our pensions. He was arrested for installing cameras in the women’s showers at Miami’s Ocean Bank.

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Let’s walk through this clown’s criminal “spree.”

John Schauer, (wouldn’t it be ironic if his last name is pronounced “shower?”), a 33-year old bank loan officer, set about installing hidden cameras in the company-owned gym showers. While installing the cameras, he videotaped a “selfie” (mistake #1).

Thereafter, a female bank employee discovered the not-so-hidden (mistake #2) video camera and reported it to authorities. Upon review of the videotape contents, Schauer had recorded a female co-worker disrobing, using the showers and bathroom, as well as himself installing the video camera.

After he was arrested he tried to explain to the police that he had an addiction. (This guy probably should have invoked his rights to counsel and zipped his lips (mistake #3).

According to the arrest report he has a lot more problems than his addiction.

As if being a bank “loan officer” wasn’t enough of a crime, Schauer has been charged with video sex crimes.

According to the Miami Herald:

“Schauer could not be reached for comment.”

First smart thing this guy did all day.

Here’s a video to help you find a hidden camera.