Extraordinary Photos Suggest Washington Trucker May Be One Of The Luckiest Men On Earth (VIDEO)

Horrible weather, terrible driving conditions and the sun hadn’t come up yet as Kaleb Whitby, a Washington resident, was traveling to Idaho on Interstate 84 just outside Baker City, Oregon this past Saturday morning. And then it happened.

semis photo by sergi karplyuk Oregonian

Photo courtesy of Oregonian/OregonLive. Photo taken by Sergi Karplyuk.


Kaleb was driving up a hill and made a decision to pass a semi in front of him. Realizing that the fog was too thick to see, he backed off and again fell in behind the semi. As he started his descent down the hill, he saw that the semi had jackknifed across I84 and while he tried to swerve, he failed and hit a portion of the back of the semi trailer, spun and stalled out leaving his truck exposed to oncoming traffic.

According to the Oregonian, a semi-truck coming in the opposite direction was bearing down on Kaleb.

“I just braced and hoped that everything would be all right.”

Kaleb’s survival story was only beginning:

“After the semi slammed into him, Whitby opened his eyes to the sight of shattered glass. The steering column was lodged in his right hip. He was upright again and still in the driver’s seat. But the truck as he knew it was gone. . . . He took out his Leatherman pocketknife to cut away his seat belt and dislodge the steering column from his side. He shouted for help.”

When it was all over, Kaleb was sandwiched between the two semis. Seriously, sandwiched.

Over 100 people were involved in three crashes and 27-year-old Kaleb, a young father with another on the way, was only one of them. By some miracle or just plain good luck, all survived. Kaleb had only a couple of scratches. He was helped by others to find his way out of his truck through the bottom which was no longer there. And while his truck was destroyed, he was going to be just fine.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the picture of Kaleb sandwiched between two semis is simply unbelievable and priceless.

Oregon State Police Sgt. Kyle Hove provided one of the greatest understatements of our time:

“I think we’re fortunate that there weren’t any fatalities here.”

I think Kaleb would agree with you, Sgt. Hove.

Here’s a video of the Kaleb Whitby speaking about his tale of survival.


h/t Oregonian/OregonLive | Featured Image courtesy of KATU.com (Photo taken by Sergi Karplyuk.)