‘On A Mission For God’–US Army Recruitment Station In Arizona Attempts to Enlist Soldiers In His Name

Looks like the Arizona Army recruitment station’s ‘mission for God and Country’ may be over before it got God’s approval, or the Army’s for that matter.

While the unapproved sandwich board appeared online on Reddit and Flickr several months ago, Mikey Weinstein, president and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation set about questioning its placement and content this past Thursday on The Daily Kos catching the attention of someone in the military, because by Friday the sandwich board had been removed.

Weinstein questioned not only the constitutionality of such a poster but the content that sounded a lot like a Pat Tillman reference with the mention of God, Country and Special Forces not to mention it found itself standing outside a recruitment storefront in Arizona.

“Wait a damn minute. Phoenix? Arizona? Army Special Forces? “Mission For……God”? My first thoughts were of Pat Tillman.”

Weinstein also queried for whose god might the recruiting message be directed:

“‘GOD and country?’ Ahem, well, just WHOSE “god” might that be, U.S. Army?

“Let me fairly go out on a limb here and gamble that it is neither the god of Islam nor the god(s) of Hinduism? No way it’s Buddhist, Sikh, Shinto, Native American Spiritualist or The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I believe it’s a very safe bet to presume that the Army is pretending to refer to the “Judeo-Christian” god, and by THAT worn out and duplicitously deceptive label, of course, I really mean what the Army REALLY means; only the “Christian” god, Jesus.”

According to ArmyTimes, the sandwich board was similar to images available to local recruiters but not worded the same way. Of the 47 choices available for selection “On a mission for both God and Country” is not on the list.

As I was reading Reddit and the comments about this poster, many were questioning what the big deal was. One commentator calling himself ‘picado’ replied:

“‘For Satan and Country’ would get some knickers in a twist.”

Now substitute Allah for God. Enough said.