Homeless Cat Shares Box With Abandoned Newborn–Rescuers Find Baby In Purrfect Condition (VIDEO)

A nameless Maine Coon cat fed by locals in the town of Obninsk, Russia, has become the community’s hero. She has survived these past 3 years by the kindness of strangers in the little apartment community, being fed by many, adopted by none, with a box for a bed kept in the outside hallway of one of the apartment units.

But the residents were taken aback this week when the pregnant cat continued to meow for several hours with the meowing growing louder as time passed. One resident concluding that something may have injured or was hurting the cat, went to check the box. And the last thing they expected to find was tucked inside next to the cat–a baby.

Photo courtesy of rt.com

Photo courtesy of rt.com

Someone had placed a baby authorities believe to be approximately 6 to 12 weeks old in the cat’s box in the hallway. While the temperatures on the day of discovery were freezing, the cat had kept the baby toasty warm. The woman who discovered the twosome tucked inside the box was a nurse. She claimed the baby was nicely dressed and that there was a bag of diapers and food.

But the story doesn’t end there. The cat, feeling quite maternal, stayed close to the baby boy until the ambulance came to take him to the hospital for observation. According to the nurse, the beautiful feline continued to mew and cry and even attempted to jump into the ambulance to ride along with her new ‘child.’

Several hours later she could still be found waiting at the roadside for the baby’s return. Sadly, that isn’t going to happen but the ending is a happy one. The police are looking for the parents of the healthy baby while the pregnant cat is receiving much needed love and appreciated attention by the locals who are celebrating the nameless cat.

Here’s hoping that both the child and the cat are given names and find forever homes.

UPDATE:  The cat now has a name:  Masha.

Here’s the video:

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