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Like Her Father, Liz Cheney Thinks Illegal Torture is “Political”

Liz Cheney excuses illegal torture by saying that it is "political."

Liz Cheney follows in the footsteps of her father by making ridiculous statements and attempting to justify torture.

Liz Cheney justifies torture from the Bush Administration.

A Republican completely disregarding the law to extract a political agenda to save their family name? Now who on Earth would do something like that? Oh wait! It’s none other than Liz Cheney, failed GOP Senatorial candidate and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, that’s who!

While appearing  on Fox News Sunday with Chris Williams, appearing with Juan Williams, former Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney held dear that the newly released report on the Bush-era “enhanced interrogations”  was a “political” stunt, and countered those offenses to the attacks in Benghazi, stating that should be the nation’s top investigative priority. These comments come just after Dick Cheney, her father, said “Some people called it [enhanced interrogations] torture. It wasn’t torture.”

A Senate Intelligence Committee voted last week to release key parts of a report that had been redacted which concluded the CIA, under the Bush administration, had misled the government and the American public about the techniques used in the administration’s War on Terror.

So the Bush administration misleads the American public and the government on their use of authority, and Liz Cheney thinks this all political fluff.

Dick Cheney blatantly broke international torture laws.

Apparently breaking international law is minuscule in the eyes of someone who wanted to hold national office.

Convention I of the Geneva Accords outlines the protections of the wounded and infirm soldiers against attacks, executions without judgment, torture and assault upon personal dignity (that is specifically stated in Article 3). It also grants these prisoners the right to proper medical treatment and care.

Dick Cheney broke that.

Convention II of the Geneva Accords defines a prisoner of war and accords prisoners of war proper and humane treatment as specified by the first convention listed above. Nations who are holding the prisoners or the convicted may not use torture to extract information from POWs.

Dick Cheney broke that.

And because the Senate Intelligence Committee decided to release the reports, that prompted a response from Cheney on something that was completely off topic: “we need more congressional oversight… of Benghazi, for example.”

Oh I see. Apparently, the never ending investigations led by Darrell Issa and Lindsey Graham, which have cost millions in taxpayer dollars over the last several years, as well as thousands of work hours lost, isn’t enough for Cheney’s “congressional oversight” platform.

When Republicans, out of touch with reality, have nothing to counter with, they result to Benghazi as their main talking point.

What Cheney was alluding to is no secret. Using Benghazi, she thought she could divert the attention from the average Fox News watcher of her father’s responsibility for the deaths of over 4,500 American soldiers, millions of displaced and murdered innocent Iraqi women and children, complete mistrust of all world leaders in the Middle East, and pin it on a random attack in a hell-bent nation which killed four Americans.

This woman very well could have been Wyoming’s next Senator. Think about that.