10 Delightfully Offensive Christmas Songs (VIDEOS)

Christmas songs - The 10 most (delightfully) offensive ones.

From the truly awful to the awfully true, here are a few truly nasty Christmas songs to enjoy during this holiday season. Photo from Web2Carz.

This piece by David Merline originally appeared in Web2Carz.

From the truly awful to the awfully true, a few nasty Christmas songs.

To hear the Fox News pundits tell it, our most sacred Christmas traditions are under siege from the radical Left, who are determined to turn the United States Of Jesus America into some sort of Soviet Socialist Democrat Dystopia. It’s all part of a larger, more sinister plan to infiltrate the hallowed halls of academia and, using political correctness, slowly chip away at the freedoms we’ve all come to take for granted, like the right not to have people of different ethnic backgrounds live too near by and the right to refuse to understand any culture other than the one that’s been familiar since birth.

But despite years of the so-called “War on Christmas,” we still can’t seem to go anywhere without having our eyes assaulted by tacky blinking lights and inflatable Santas while our ears get repeatedly violated by the sickly-sweet strains of syrupy Christmas songs. When someone asks you “What’s your favorite Christmas song,” what they’re really asking is, “Which of these inane ditties makes you least want to go on a murderous rampage?”

Fortunately, there have been a few brave musicians who continue to fight the War on Christmas on the musical front, trying to inject some good-old-fashioned bile into the holly-ness and jolly-ness of this profoundly annoying time of year. Here then are 10 Christmas Songs guaranteed to help you grin and bear it through another holiday season

10) Eric Idle – Fuck Christmas.


9) Alice Cooper – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.


8) Tenacious D – The Twelve Drugs of Xmas.


7) “Weird Al” Yankovich – The Night Santa Went Crazy.


6) Spinal Tap – Xmas With the Devil.


5) King Diamond – No Presents For Christmas.


4) South Park – Mr. Hanky The Christmas Poo.


3) Peter and the Test Tube Babies – I’m Getting Pissed For Christmas.


2) Christopher Lee – Jingle Hell.


1) Fear – Fuck Christmas.