The War Casualties Who Don’t Count – Over 7,000 Veteran Suicides A Year (VIDEO)

imagesToday marks another milestone of our war in Iraq. It is the 10th anniversary of our invasion. New evidence released now shows that both the CIA and MI6 were informed through secret Iraqi channels months prior to the Iraq war, that there were no WMDs in Iraq and they also had no ongoing WMD program at that time. The information was either covered up or largely ignored by both entities, allowing what has now been deemed lies by both the American and British administrations at that time, to facilitate the invasion of Iraq. This information is important because of the result of the war, on Iraqis and Americans alike, as shown further in this article.

From The Guardian:

“A special BBC Panorama program aired on Monday night details how British and US intelligence agencies were informed by top sources months before the invasion that Iraq had no active WMD program, and that the information was not passed to subsequent inquiries.”

The events of 9/11 which so far has cost more than 3,000 lives with the immediate attack and still counting with the cleanup crews, were used as a fictitious backdrop to facilitate the war which now directly increase the reported suicide rate to more than 7,000 veterans annually, who are stricken with PTSD. This is the rate that has finally been released by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, this is also a suicide rate that I myself had published in my book ‘Shock and Awe on America’ (linked below) and in numerous articles over the last 5 years. It is a rate that had been concealed or largely ignored previously, but was so easy for myself and others to find – five years ago.

Limited awareness of that suicide rate information has been an unfortunate factor in the slow and tragically lacking help offered to our veterans thus far. The truth on the issue of veteran suicide was well overdue, concealing how much urgent support is needed for our still falling comrades. The situation is currently so bad that veterans are dying while waiting for their claims to be processed. One building is reported to be so filled with claim applications that the building has been deemed unstable. Veterans’ wait times are years in many cases. The NYTimes explores some of the cases.

PTSD has been a contentious issue over the last decade, with increasing awareness and diagnosis seeing numbers surpass 70,000 cases so far. It is now understood that more than 20% of those who are returning from war suffer this debilitating disease, which can result in depression, substance abuse, anger management issues and suicide. There have been more than 2.3 million individual deployments to the wars so far. This video by ABC News tells the chilling tale:

On the battlefield, there have been more than 4,400 US casualties so far with the numbers reported by the Associated Press topping 110,000 for Iraqi deaths and numbers topping 1 million total deaths associated with the war as reported by independent London polling agency ORB. We see ongoing violence today with a series of car bombs in Baghdad killing at least 50 persons and wounding dozens more, on this our 10th anniversary of our Iraqi invasion. This whole shocking issue of selling a fictitious war to Americans and indeed the world, has been documented by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in the documentary titled ‘Hubris’ which will have it’s 2nd airing on March 22nd. It is a recommended ‘must watch.’

To reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.

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