Rush Limbaugh – Time Magazine’s Person Of All Time? (VIDEO)

Image courtesy of ABC News

According to the intellectually inept Rush Limbaugh, if Sandra Fluke is named Time’s Person Of The Year, he should be named Co-Person Of The Year.

It was, after all, Limbaugh who made Sandra Fluke famous. He is correct when he boasts about being the one who helped her become part of the public lexicon. For that, I personally thank him. Rush Limbaugh actually did a service to women all over the country by referring to Fluke as a slut and a prostitute this past February. By insulting Fluke in such a heinous way, he woke up sleeping feminists and created new ones. Bravo Limbaugh!!!

Here’s the video:

Limbaugh also let everyone know that Snerdley, his “program observer” said,

“You don’t understand, she’s not on this list because they care about what she did and what she says and what she believes or any of that. That’s not why. She’s only on that short list, Snerdley says, because that’s the closest they think they’ve ever gotten to taking you out. And whoever, if somebody ever comes along and takes you out, Time Magazine is going to make them the Person Of All Time—not just the year.”

But here’s my favorite part of what the ego-maniac says,

“I have to confess folks, I don’t think about myself very often, but I have to confess that Snerdley may have a point there. He may be exactly right.”

Ahhhh, that was great. My stomach hurts so good from the explosive belly laugh. The depths of Limbaugh’s delusion never cease to amaze me.

Seriously though, Limbaugh does have a good point in that he is partly responsible for Obama’s re-election and for all the newly elected women in congress. Sluts voted Rush, and we have YOU to thank!

Now, I seem to remember you mentioning that if Obama got re-elected, you’d be moving to Costa Rica. When are you leaving?

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