Republicans – The Real Death Panels

Gravestone with angry face

Image from the Open Clip Art Library.

The question is not how much money should we spend on ‘entitlements,’ the question should be how much money are we willing to invest in keeping Americans alive!

The Republicans are masters at distracting us from the topics of the day and the real results their actions will bring. They lie and distract us so that we will not see that people die when the wrong decisions are made about Healthcare, Medicare, Social Security and other needed social programs.

Republican lawmakers know more people will die as a result of cutting needed social programs, they are trying to hide that fact from you. Republican lawmakers know that when they cut programs or whittle them down to a point where they are not effective to the largest amount of people that need them, some of those people will die.

Republican lawmakers know that when the poor and middle class are affected with bad health, starvation and poverty, this gives them a smaller voting block to fight against in all coming elections. That’s all this vehement fight about the fiscal cliff is for the Republicans … just another way to stifle the voice of Americans who oppose them in elections, who stand against their grab for power at every election.

Many Americans fought and died to give us the freedom to vote and the right to live a healthy and productive life. Health is a right … not a privilege that some Republican lawmakers have to weigh on their scales of spending versus cutting social programs.

Feeding and caring for a family is not a privilege that Republican lawmakers need to give their Royal consent to, like some evil lord surveying his peasant farmers. These social programs are a right that every American pays for, by the blood, sweat and tears they put forth, to build a great country like ours. These rights are fought for in the battlefields where our soldiers bleed … and fall.

Republican Lawmakers do us a dishonor when they lord over us … and our fallen comrades who give their lives for this country so that their family will be taken care of, so that their kids will have a brighter and more secure future … so that their family will live healthy lives instead of suffering and waiting to die … at the hands of Republican Lawmakers.

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