President Clinton Tours Hurricane-Devastated Rockaway, Raises Spirits (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton tours disaster recovery sites in Rockaway Beach, NY.

Screen shot taken from Danionow’s YouTube video of Former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Rockaway Beach, which still has not recovered from Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that followed.

Former President Bill Clinton made an impromptu tour of some of the hurricane-devastated beach areas in the Rockaways in New York yesterday. He was observed by this AI reporter visiting a disaster recovery sites in Rockaway Beach, amid cheers of jubilation and applause by residents of the area. President Clinton was briefed by commanders of a large contingent of the National Guard, which has been on hand coordinating the disaster recovery efforts since Hurricane Sandy wrecked the area.

You can see the first of several videos danionow took of Clinton’s tour below:

This AI reporter took some exclusive video footage of the disaster area, so readers can see what the President saw during his inspection of the devastated area. Readers may want to turn down the volume, because the audio is windy.

For an up-close look at the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, with storm-tossed cars and sand-washed streets, watch the video below:

His visit comes fast on the heels of a similar visit by President Obama who visited Hurricane Sandy affected areas three days ago. This one-two punch by the Presidents has been a valued boost to the residents who are struggling to reclaim some semblance of their former lives, which thus far has been a visage of widespread, wanton devastation, the likes of which New York has not seen in almost a century.

You can see a video of the desolate waterfront, with residents inspecting the damage below:

These visits are in stark contrast to a no show by Republican leaders who have apparently forgotten or not seen it fit to grace the distraught residents of the Rockaways with their ‘royal’ presence yet … weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit the area. I can only deduce that the Republicans have more pressing business to do… which probably involves champagne, country clubs and dinners attended  by the likes of the Romneys and other one-percenters.

Life goes on for the faceless poor and middle-class families of the Rockaways, who are supported in their time of need by people who really care, much like the countless churches who bring clothing, food and essential supplies to the devastated areas on a daily basis.

The video below shows how high the water rose:

Much of the Rockaways still lack electric power — as the temperature plummets at night — making it that much harder for residents to cope with the hurricane’s aftermath. A Nor’easter blew through a week later, pummeling the area for a second time with winds in excess of 60 mph, heavy rains, and additional flooding to already-wrecked areas.

Occupy Sandy Recovery has set up shop in the area to help residents, and I look forward to bringing you an update as recovery operations continue. For more information, to volunteer, or make a donation, click here.

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