CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Hands Congressman His Head On A Platter (VIDEO)

One is at a loss for words to watch Joe Heck, a Republican Congressman on the Intelligence Committee and is about to be part of an Intelligence Hearing at which former CIA Director Petraeus is due to testify about the Benghazi event, is schooled over and over on his obvious lack of Intelligence and the sheer vindictive attitude he and his fellow Republicans harbor against the Obama Administration as they try to carry on the country’s business.

At issue was a moronic talking point put out by Republicans which says that UN Ambassador Susan Elizabeth Rice carries some sort of ‘pseudo’ blame, for presenting the Obama Administration’s position right after the Benghazi incident as being of the understanding that a video was the accelerant that caused the deaths of Americans at the US Consulate.

Congressman Heck was asked over and over to explain with any coherency (to no avail) what is the difference between Condoleezza Rice’s outright lies about WMD’s and Susan Rice’s truthful rendering of the information that at the time was presented to the Obama Administration and why one statement is ok and the other is not.

What is at issue with both statements, is the fact that the Republicans keep  insisting the lies that were told by Condaleeza Rice about WMD’s were acceptable while the truthful statements by Ambassador Susan Rice was somehow unacceptable even though that is what the Intelligence sources had said they thought at the time.

This is truly hilarious. He tempers his idiotic statement after being bitch-slapped, resigning to the admission that he does not blame Susan Rice…(anymore.) Here is the video:

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