Ohio GOP Revives Moribund Bill For Extreme Abortion Ban

A woman's OB-GYN says " I see the problem. You have Republicans in your vagina.

To anybody paying attention, women sent a clear message to the GOP:  “GET OUT OF OUR VAGINAS.” Ohio clearly missed the memo. The anti-abortion groups and the legislators who carry their water are not thwarted by the strong message sent by the re-election of President Obama and the twelve new seats in the Senate, filled by Democratic, pro-choice women.

Sadly, the GOP’s War On Women was not completely defeated on November 6. Teapublicans are in shock and refuse to believe they lost. In a move to keep insanity alive and to put women in their place — barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen — Ohio’s right wing stubbornly refuses to let go of its obsessive anti-abortion agenda. Ohio’s GOP Senate President Tom Niehaus told The Cincinatti Enquirer on Thursday that — after being mired in the Ohio Senate since June 2011 —  they’re giving HB 125 another look, and also preparing a substitute bill.

The Heartbeat Bill, HB 125 would ban all abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, with no exceptions made for rape, incest or the woman’s health. This anti-abortion bill has already passed in the Ohio House of Representatives, and Niehaus plans to move forward with this bill during the upcoming lame duck session of the Ohio legislature. The Cincinnati Community Press attributes the revival of this controversial legislation to the intensified cooperative efforts amongst various pro-life groups. Ohio Right to Life initially approved the concept of the bill but did not press forward for fear it would not be able to withstand a challenge under Roe v. Wade. On the other hand, Faith2Action, a group formed by local chapters of Ohio Right to Life — including those in Cincinnati, Clermont and Warren counties — and other organizations pushed for passage of the bill by the Ohio House in 2011. It said the time was right to pass a tougher abortion measure, even though similar efforts in other states failed.

“I think we’re close,” said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life.

According to Jezebel, in order to rationalize their argument in support of the legislation, the anti-abortion groups used a human fetus to testify. In front of a group of state legislators, the groups gave a pregnant woman an ultrasound so the heartbeat could be heard and ultimately convince everyone that women should no longer have the right to choose. The ultrasound did not deliver any detectable heartbeats, only an indeterminate muffled sound which was barely audible. The bill passed anyway but was shelved. Well, now it’s baaaaaack! The bill is being picked up again and the two anti-abortion groups will be deciding a compromise on the details—in order to appear sane in a courtroom. Yeah, good luck there.

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