Jon Stewart Reports Democalypse 2012 (VIDEO)

Democalypse 2012

Screen capture from The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart started the show in fine fettle by introducing his team for the night, which included some drunk ladies and that old white guy from Star Trek. Romney reportedly threw up when the race was called for Barack Obama, then Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was called a winner for the Massachusetts Senate race, while an animated clip showed a ship full of tea-partiers cruising across Boston Harbor and tossing her opponent, the incumbent Scott Brown (R-MA), overboard. Florida (“where Cubans go to live and Jews go to die”) remained a fustercluck for the rest of the show, and will probably still be counting ballots throughout the following afternoon.

Other highlights included:

  • John Oliver opened with some high tech doodling, Jessica Williams and Aasif Mandvi gave us a brief peek at the goings on at the candidates’ headquarters (with lots of censored “bleeps” involved.)
  • Jon announced that Todd Akin is ‘legitimately’ raped, then Wyatt Cenac and Al Madrigal gave their take on unfolding events leading to 2016.
  • Samantha Bee helpeds the same “undecided idiots: from 2008 to make up their minds, then took things into her own hands.
  • Jon announced results and had a hologram of George Washington weigh in … all the while sipping from a 20th century cup, then choking when informed that a slave beat out a merman to become President  and then some.

And he wasn’t done yet… Click here to watch the video.

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