Colbert Reports Mom’s Birthday, Lesbians, Weed, Election Results (VIDEO)

Barack Obama, "projected winner of the presidential election"

Screen capture from the Colbert Show.

Colbert opens his post election show in fine style with the news that; it’s his mom’s birthday! He then gets on to that other pesky thing…the election result.

He has a funny clip of a Donkey and an Elephant in a fight scene…wink wink.

Stephen breaks the news that he has projected that CNN has projected that Animal Planet has projected that Obama has been reelected…for the first time, again. He regrets now not being able to see Mitt and Rafalca have their first dance at the inaugural ball, with photo.

He goes through a montage of scenarios; grimacing that Obamacare is here to stay and rich people will go “John Galt” and move to an island where they can live their rich existence…Manhattan., Mitt Romney is rejected by voters and never wants your vote again…until 2016?… possibly?

He has Conservative guest Andrew Sullivan who supported Obama, has a quite enjoyable take on the election and wipes the conservatives’ faces in it…he surmises moderate Republicans voted for a moderate Republican; Barack Obama. He informed us that the Fox bubble burst; that there’s a black man in power who has nothing to lose and now the Fox crazies will actually face reality. He’s loving this!

And that’s just part of the show! He then disentangles some of the key results…with lesbians, weed, condoms and turtle flippers!

Here is the video. 

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