You Don’t Own Me PSA – Women Can Decide This Election (VIDEO)

Recent polls would have you believe the gender gap is too close for comfort, women’s rights are dangerously close to being a distant memory and will be replaced with trans-vaginal probes, legitimate rape and no more choice. With all the fraud and corruption in the Teapublican party and their fierce efforts to suppress voters who are likely to vote for Obama, it’s very hard to trust polls that say Romney is leading with women. For the sake of argument, let’s believe it.

A new PSA outlines the ridiculous and crass behavior by the GOP. Women are standing up all over the country and screaming “YOU DON’T OWN ME.”  It’s mind boggling that we are fighting against such blatant misogyny, and even more ironic, women of the GOP are rooting for their rights to be taken away by neanderthal men and reducing it to Rush Limbaugh’s claim that all liberal women want is free birth control. Aside from being highly insulting, it’s really scary.

Here’s the video:

The video’s description reads in part:

“It is estimated that 10 million more women than men will vote in this election. Despite this, women make up only 16% of Congress. Women earn only 70 cents to each dollar men make. Women of color and undocumented women make less than white citizens. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are determined to overturn Roe V. Wade. Romney has not supported equal pay for women (The Lilly [sic] Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Romney doesn’t want health care to cover birth control. Romney says same sex marriage should be banned with a Constitutional Amendment.  Women, let’s rise up. Our vote alone can win this election.  A vote for Obama is a vote for your health and your right to choose. It is a vote for equal pay and equal rights…”

Watch this video. Pass it along. Don’t let the GOP win or steal this election. The majority of Americans want choice. The entire WORLD can see Obama is a better choice.

***I wish to add that as an activist for women’s rights, I sent a letter to the White House and wrote of my role as spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote. I voiced my concern about the fact that 20 million women didn’t vote in 2008. Women make up 51% of the electorate. I asked the president to please make a very concentrated effort to educate women on what he has done and is doing for us. I got a reply and what was impressive about it was that it was tailored to my questions and concerns. I posted it to my blog HERE and as you will see, someone from the White House took the time to read my letter and answered it with great detail on how he has and will support women.

We have less than two weeks. VOTE.

Kimberley A. Johnson is the author of The Virgin Diaries and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page