GOP Candidate Rick Berg Says No To Abortion For Rape Victims – But Won’t Be Specific On The Penalty

image of ND senate candidate rick berg

KVRR’s Jim Shaw puts GOP North Dakota Senate Candidate Rick Berg in “The Hot Seat,” as shown in a video from the Huffington Post.

News director Jim Shaw of KVRR in Fargo, N.D. asked Senate Candidate Rick Berg of North Dakota Wednesday whether there any circumstances where he would allow an abortion. Berg replied:

“My position has been pretty clear. I’m pro-life, I’m concerned about the unborn and people who can’t take care of themselves. So I’m pro-life. I would make an exception for the life of the mother.”

Shaw asked if he would make an exception for rape victims. and Berg said he wouldn’t. Berg would not be specific about what kind of penalty a woman would face if she sought an abortion if it becomes illegal.

You can watch the video below:

SHAW: Why would you force a woman who has been raped to have that baby?

BERG: You know, like I said Jim, my position is pro-life, and I care about the unborn and I feel that’s really where we should be in our policy.

SHAW: What would the appropriate sentence be if abortion was illegal and a woman did have an abortion?

BERG: I’ll leave that up to others to come up with that.

SHAW: Should we put her in jail? Should we fine her? Do you have any thoughts on that at all?

BERG: Those are things that need to be worked out through the legislative process.

In North Dakota, the race is tight between Berg and Democrat Heidi Heitkamp. Voters have a clear choice. They can vote for freedom of choice, or they can choose to allow a man with Judeo-Christian ‘values’ impose his religious beliefs on the rest of the population by dictating what women can and cannot do with their bodies. Berg voted against federal health coverage that includes abortion.  He also voted against family planning (Planned Parenthood) and Title X grant money—“Since 1970s, this is the only federal program that provides individuals with several health services. Many of those services are those used by women, although they can be services used by low income people of both sexes. Those services include: HIV prevention, screening for breast and cervical cancer, and family planning services.”

We have three weeks left to see what will happen to the women of the United States. Those on the right are fond of invoking the word ‘freedom’ but when it comes to freedom of choice for those whose views differ from theirs, they want no part of it. I hope women rise up against this misogyny and vote these dictators of the female anatomy out!

Kimberley A. Johnson is the author of The Virgin Diaries and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page