In The Moment Responses To The 1st Presidential Debate

Below are some in the moment thoughts about the First Presidential Debate. Our takeaway – President Obama offered a good defense of his effective first term and reasonable plans for a second term, though missed some opportunities to drive his case home. Romney came across better than we expected, but offered little in the way of specifics and repeated a number of blatant untruths.

Keep in mind that the post-debate impressions spread by the chattering classes in DC often shapes voters’ views about who won or lost a debate, so do what you can to make sure people understand President Obama’s consistent message of reasonable progressive governing and realize how often Multiple Choice Mitt lied by writing a letter to your local newspaper, posting on Facebook, commenting at newspapers and on blogs, etc.

Note that Multiple Choice Mitt has still not identified a single tax loophole or deduction he would allegedly close.

Remember that Romney’s proposal to end ObamaCare would increase the deficit, not decrease it.

Romney has put closing corporate loopholes off the table, which means the middle class would pay even more to pay for further tax giveaways to the wealthy.

I guess President Obama just lost the corporate jet owner vote. Oh well . . . . .

As our President said, budgets are about choices. Here are the choices Romney would spurn in favor of tax giveaways to the wealthy.

President Obama – don’t pull your punches on Social Security. Ryan and Romney want to privatize that too.

If Romney’s plan to abolish Medicare is so great, why is he so scared of people over age 55 thinking that it will apply to them?

Dodd-Frank doesn’t give big banks automatic bailouts. Instead, it requires banks to have wind-down plans and gives the government the authority to step in before another bailout would be needed.

All Romney’s website says about Dodd-Frank is that he would repeal it and “replace with streamlined, modern regulatory framework.” He offers no specifics.

President Obama is right – we have to rationalize health care spending, not ration insurance like Romney would.

Romney is simply lying when he says that his plan would cover people with pre-existing conditions.

Who here believes that states like Mississippi, Texas, or South Carolina will do effective health care reform on their own?

“Governor Romney doesn’t think we need more teachers. I do.” – President Obama

Apparently we have to add “teachers” to the height of trees in Michigan, lakes, oceans, and cars as things Romney “loves.”

A tip to President Obama – don’t say Romney wants to “cut taxes” – say Romney wants to “provide more tax giveaways to billionaires and big corporations.”

For more on President Obama’s expansion of student loans paid for by cutting subsidies to big banks, see here.

So would Multiple Choice Mitt tie Big Bird to the roof of his car?

Romney closes by repeating the $716 billion Medicare lie. Pretty brazen coming from a guy who would abolish Medicare.