Say What – Madonna Urges Concertgoers to Vote for ‘F***ing Obama’ (VIDEO)

Madonna endorses President Barack Obama to fans at a Washington, DC concert.

Madonna endorses President Barack Obama to fans at a Washington, DC concert.

“Y’all better vote for f***ing Obama,” Madonna exhorted her cheering fans from the stage of Washington, DC’s jam-packed Verizon Arena on Sept. 24. “We have a black Muslim in the White House! Now that’s some amazing sh*t!”

So … following four-plus years of fighting false rumors by bigoted ‘birthers,’ concerning the president’s nationality and religion, it turns out that Pres. Obama really IS “black” after all … and a “MUSLIM” to boot? (Um … not that there’s anything wrong with that …) One seriously has to wonder what other kind of “amazing sh*t” goes down on the celebrated pop icon’s MDMA MDNA tour. With friends like Madonna, does our president even need enemies?

For the dubious endorsement, followed by commentary, see the David Pakman Show‘s video below:

Of course, Madonna quickly retracted her “black Muslim” comment in a statement sent by her publicist to Rolling Stone Magazine, which claims that she was “being ironic.” Perhaps we should give the entertainer the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she was temporarily stupefied by ‘The Stench’ emanating from the discarded and slowly decaying carcass of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Alas, Madonna, Inc.’s statement fails to even convince President Obama’s supporters, let alone the opposition.

Meanwhile, Fox News and their hordes of trolls and minions are having a field day with their following ‘fair and balanced’ headline: “Madonna calls Obama a ‘black Muslim,’ says she’ll strip onstage if he wins new term.” As noted on the PopDust blog, “Madonna might be the world’s only pro-Obama birther.”

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