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Romney Bully Bus Taunts Obama Supporters – AGAIN

The obnoxious Romney bus is back.

Evidently, the Romney advisors think that a good campaign strategy is to taunt and torment Obama supporters with such high school pranks as circling the President’s events and honking.

Monday night, while Obama attended a fundraiser at Boston Symphony Hall, the bus circled the Hall and honked several times according to Romney deputy press secretary Ryan Williams.

Williams confirmed to Buzzfeed that the bus made “a few” laps before local police closed the roads around the venue before Obama’s arrival.

The same strategy was used earlier this month at an event in Cleveland where Obama gave a speech. The bus proudly displaying the words “Conservative Business Leader” circled Obama supporters and honked repeatedly.

Here’s hoping that Romney and his team of brilliant strategists keep up the good work. This is sure to convince Obama voters looking for jobs, decent, affordable healthcare and a leader who displays courage and maturity, that robot bully Romney, is the better choice.

Maybe next month, the Romney team will corner Biden in the men’s room, hold him down and cut off his hair. Conservative Business Leaders have to maintain an air of dignity juvenile intimidation while campaigning for one of the most important and powerful positions in world.

Kimberley A. Johnson is an author and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page