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Obama – The Koch Brother’s Worst Nightmare (Op-Ed)

The United States of America changed when George W. Bush was declared the president by the Supreme Court in 2000.

Up until 2000, “we the people” have understood that there is and always has been corruption in politics but life went on. We could still afford to buy homes, take vacations, look forward to promotions and raises. We still had the American Dream and believed that with hard work and effort, we had the opportunity to become wealthy, secure and happy.

When Dubya took over, so did Cheney and Rove and it was on their clock that the Supreme Court gained a “conservative” majority. The Koch money infiltrated politics in a big way and the destruction of what we all saw as our new reality began.

When the planes hit the twin towers, everything changed. There is debate about whether the U.S. had prior knowledge of the attacks, or was in fact, a part of the plot. No matter what you believe, it is clear that the Bush administration took advantage of the fear that followed the attacks and used it to declare war on a country that had not attacked us. Initially we were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that it was imperative we invade. Scared Americans bought into this idea. The “endless” War On Terror became our mantra. Aaron Russo, producer of Trading Places, The Rose and other successful movies, had nothing to gain by disclosing what he learned from the Rockefellers about 9/11 in this very controversial 2007 video. Many would write off what he has to say as conspiracy theory but if you listen to everything he puts forth, much of what he talks about has already happened. When it became glaringly clear there were no such weapons, their tune changed. We were there to “liberate Iraq.” Doesn’t that sound nice of us? What a giving country we are. Why were we really there? We wanted to establish a military presence and gain access to the OIL. OIL = MONEY. MONEY = POWER. POWER WINS.

From 2000 until 2008, we as a nation dealt with the unraveling of our security, but it was hard to see and feel it. It was happening behind the scenes. Right after 9/11, Americans were ready to do what was needed to protect our country. If President Bush had told us to walk to work so we could get off of foreign oil, we would have. We would have done just about anything to fight against those who attacked us. But what did Bush tell us to do? He told us to go to Disney World. In Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine, Marilyn Manson says “It’s a campaign of fear and consumption and that’s what I think it’s all based on, is the whole idea that; Keep everyone afraid and they’ll consume.” Uber-rich white men like the Koch Brothers depended on this and were well on their way to the fascist control they were and are looking for. If you doubt this, take a look at what’s happened to the middle class. The Kochs don’t want a middle class. They want a nation of have-nots whom they can control. The middle class has to be obliterated for the plan to work. What is important to note is that there is a plan in place to destroy the way America has been operating since 1776 and the evidence are the Neocons.

What big money did not anticipate was the emergence of Sarah Palin. It’s easy to write her off as someone who has no real merit but think about it: Palin single-handedly ruined the 2008 election for McCain. He quickly realized after she came into the picture that she was a huge mistake and it was too late. He became the angry old man and lost his maverick reputation. If he would have won the ‘08 election, it is my personal belief he would have been a maverick president. But I digress.

The housing bubble and the stock market crash set the tone. Palin walked onto the national stage and with the disaster that was George Bush, we had the perfect recipe for a new kind of American leadership. Hillary Clinton was a strong contender and maybe if Barack Obama wasn’t in the picture, she may have won. But the culmination of all that happened from 2000 to 2008 and Palin’s Tea Party extravaganza gave birth to the possibility and eventual reality of an Obama administration. Big money men did NOT see this coming. They were too busy believing that their totalitarian plan was working and they were drunk and blind with power. This African-American man really shook up their plans.

Big money needed a new plan of action. The Black President who offered “Hope and Change” to a frightened and angry American public seriously impeded the plan to steal the dream from the American people.

The mainstream media gives big money a lot of credit and power and deservedly so. They have moved mountains. The have succeeded with so much of what they want to accomplish. There is a problem though and it’s really, really not good for the Grand Old Party. Their entire platform—their only game plan—is to make Obama look bad. That’s it. They have NOTHING ELSE. The proof is in their actions. They’ve work tirelessly to keep the economy and jobs down. They are trying to strip women of their right to birth control and equal pay. They don’t care if you’re sick and can’t work. Their main goal is to try to make it LOOK like it’s Obama’s fault by blocking and filibustering every possible thing they can that will move us in a positive direction. Truth means nothing to them; in fact it’s their enemy. Take away your anger and frustration and look at what is reality. They are panicking. They are not on secure ground. The entire party has lost its marbles. Anyone who calls themself a centrist Republican is now considered a traitor. It’s all or nothing for them and leaves them extremely vulnerable.

Day in and day out it feels overwhelming to watch. But keep in mind that they are a train that has derailed. The one thing that keeps them solidly in the game is MONEY. That’s IT. Logic? No. Likeability? No. Good ideas? NO. They are panicking. They are so consumed with their own greed they cannot see that in time, they will lose. History proves time and again, a few who want to control many may succeed for a brief time but in the end, they will always lose.

It is up to the citizens of The United States Of America to decide when that time is. I choose November 6, 2012. What about you?

***The Aaron Russo video chosen for this article is definitely up for debate. It’s an extreme example of what many would dismiss as conspiracy. Even if most of what is stated and reported on is paranoia, take a look at the state we’re in and decide for yourself what could be true.  As the author of this piece I wish to state that I am not asking you to believe anything in particular. I am simply presenting you with some of the information out there that happens to correlate with events taking place now and for YOU to make up your own mind.

Kimberley A. Johnson is an author and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page