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Sexism: Are Mormons The American Taliban?

The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. No one is really focusing on this in any real way. No one is pointing out that his religious cult beliefs are racist, sexist and sheer lunacy. Well, Bill Maher is and maybe a few others, but the media and the left leave him alone. If the Democratic presidential candidate was Mormon, you can take it to the bank that at this point in the election, we would ALL have a vast and complete understanding of Mormonism. There would be no veil of mystery.

Mormons don’t like the public to know what they do behind closed doors. The reason for this is obvious. They have some pretty far out beliefs that include magic underwear and the idea that when the men die, they get their own planet where they will have many wives.

As an activist for women’s rights, it’s clear to me that Mormonism supports the War On Women. A Romney presidency would not advance equality for women at all. Some may argue that a president’s faith has nothing to do with how he will conduct himself in office. If this is true, why is Obama STILL under so much scrutiny about his faith? Those who are so racist and can’t stand to see a black man holding the most powerful position in the world, argue that he is not a Christian, that he is a Muslim. It’s extremely important that Obama is a Christian. Why is it NOT important that Romney belongs to what Christians dismiss as a cult?  We all know why. It’s racism.

An ex-Mormon woman describes why she left the church here and gives detailed reasons as to why. She specifically talks about how sexism and inequality are dominant factors in her decision to leave the church. The video includes profanity.

A document on religious studies, written by Jessica Longacker in 1995 titled The Role of Women in Mormonism is detailed and provides an inside view as to how women are perceived.  Here are some examples of what she writes:

“Mormons, and particularly Mormon girls, are commanded to remain completely chaste until marriage. Girls grow up believing that their virginity is what makes them worth marrying (Laake 195), and they are told that “If you sully your body by allowing boys to touch it in forbidden ways…no good man will ever want to marry you” (Johnson 74). According to Mormon Doctrine, “Loss of virtue is too great a price to pay even for the preservation of one’s life–better dead clean, than alive unclean” (McConkie 124). In order to enter the temple for the all-important marriage ceremony, Mormons must undergo a rigorous interview by their bishops about the intimate details of their sexual history to ensure their purity (Laake 86). Mormon colleges today have dress codes for women which forbid shorts, short skirts, and other articles of clothing that could possibly incite a young man’s lust.

Mormons, like most religions, believe that the woman in a relationship bears the guilt for any sexual wrongdoing. Girls are told that if they “let” a man touch them, he will not respect them, even though he is the one doing the touching. One Mormon woman’s date, at the front door of her house at the end of a perfectly sinless night, ordered her to enter her house, fall on her knees, and pray for forgiveness for the sins that she had made him want to commit (Johnson 79).

The strict chastity demanded by the church often clashes with the fact that girls are taught (to) please their husbands and the other men in their lives. This lesson makes it very difficult to maintain the strict chastity required of women. What does a girl do when the man she is dating, whom she is supposed to obey because he is inspired by God, wants to do more than kiss her? In Mormon-dominated Utah, in 1978, seventy percent of the teenage brides were pregnant at their weddings (Johnson 39).

The Mormon church of today is still clinging to the beliefs of the nineteenth century; ideas which are becoming more outmoded every day. A few women in the Mormon church are trying to make a difference, but they are usually swiftly excommunicated (Laake 342; Johnson 351). In Mormon magazines, which are full of advice for women from the heads of the church, the message has changed in response to the feminist movement. In 1964, advice on marriage and divorce was fairly dispassionate; by 1972, these topics were addressed with increasing panic and harshness (Laake 175). Feminists are described as “the Pied Pipers of sin who have led women away from the divine role of womanhood down the pathway of error” (Laake 176). Obviously, the Mormon church is not going to alter its views on women in the immediate future. It is questionable whether it is even possible for Mormonism to equalize the roles of men and women, because the oppression of women is so integral to the religion. Men and women cannot truly become equal in the church, for the basic tenets of Mormonism are so fraught with sexism that equality would change the religion beyond recognition.”

How will a President who doesn’t really believe that women are equal, fight for equality?

If you choose to investigate the religion cult further, you will find that it is primarily “white” with elitist attitudes. Homosexuality is wrong, women are second-class and underwear will save them from evil.

I can’t imagine that Romney is pleased with the “Vagina” and “Slut” revolution that is taking place as a result of the attack on women. He doesn’t really talk about it. He’s too busy contradicting himself on the economy. Fortunately, women in the U.S. have experienced freedom and choice and will simply not accept being subjugated, bullied and silenced. I would like to see the media focus more attention on Romney’s faith if Obama is forced to endure being called a Kenyan Muslim day in and day out. Wouldn’t you?

As for me, I’m going to rock the Slut AND Vagina vote this November.

My vagina approves this message.

Kimberley A. Johnson is an author and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page