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Liar Limbaugh Says Trayvon Martin Case Is ‘Dividing The Black Community’

Rush Limbaugh wants you to believe that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was a story invented for the purpose of political divide. He told his audience on Thursday to beware of stories having to do with race, as they are “manufactured and made up for the advancement of a political agenda.” His most recent statement about the shooting of Trayvon Martin would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic and self-serving. “Doing More Harm To The Black Community Than Anything Else Out There Now.”

Once again, Liar Limbaugh manipulates the truth and twists it into a hate message, sending it out to his flock of angry, misinformed listeners, fueling more race related hate crimes under the veil of faux concern about racism in America. He knows this and purposely chooses his words.

He tells a caller “Betty” that it’s “despicable” that there are those who are excited about this case “because of the opportunity it presents…” “It’s all about Obama’s re-election, pure and simple.” He goes on to blame NBC for “doctoring” the 911 call.

Limbaugh is the one who is excited about this “opportunity” and is doing more to harm the black community with his measured lies than Zimmerman or even the Sanford Police Department combined. He has millions of listeners who are looking to him to validate their negative and violent feelings. Limbaugh gives them exactly what they want. Lies, lies and more lies.

The truth is that this case is not only about the shooting of an innocent teen, it’s about how the Sanford Police Department failed to do its job, how they let one man who murdered another young man walk free WITH the murder weapon. This story IS about race but not in the way Limbaugh or many of the other right-wing media pundits would have you believe. From all of the footage we’ve seen, it appears Zimmerman is the racist who murdered Trayvon because he was black. We heard him say “f***king coons” on the 911 call. We heard the 911 operator tell Zimmerman to stay in his car and not follow Martin. We saw no injuries or blood on Zimmerman after he claimed he was being beaten to death and we saw the police let Zimmerman walk away with the murder weapon.

The right-wing media is notorious for twisting the facts into outright lies. The goal is to create a society where hate is used as a weapon to keep people angry and fearful with the ultimate goal of using that anger and fear to remove Obama from the presidency.

Rush Limbaugh is a liar, a hate monger and is only out to make money. Anyone with a brain knows this.

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