Why The Separation Of Church And State Must Be Absolute!

Consider this, an international organization infiltrating our public school system, passing out literature of indoctrination, encouraging members to ridicule other children for not following promoted beliefs, this organization typically pays no rent for the use of the facilities, takes advantage of tax breaks as a non-profit organization, and uses their presence to undermine academia. Would you suspect this would be tolerated in America, protected under Freedom of Speech, or even Freedom of Religion?

It is become all too common to hear about gays indoctrinating our children.

Gay Indoctrination in Bull’s-Eye of New Campaign, Voters could rescind demand to promote sexual alternatives to kids.

District Gags 14-Year-Olds After “Gay” Indoctrination, “confidentiality” promise requires students “not to tell their parents”.

Or even to hear about how colleges are indoctrinating students.

Rick Santorum Sounds “Indoctrination” Warning Over Obama College Plan.

But what happens when the “indoctrination” is not being pursued by a Gay or Liberal agenda, but rather a Christian agenda?

Think Progress reported a Florida lawmaker exploited the tragedy and suffering of the students in Ohio after a fatal school shooting incident, leaving three dead.

Yesterday, within the span of 24 hours, the Florida House passed a bill to allow prayer in public schools and another to crack down the supposed threat of Sharia Law.

In a lopsided 88-27 note, the chamber okayed a bill to allow any student to deliver “inspirational messages,” including religious prayers, at public school events. “Look at what just happened in Ohio, ” one law maker said, referencing the recent school shooting there. “The kids need to have prayer at school.”

With all due respect to that unnamed lawmaker, but insinuating religion into a tragic event like this is appalling, unacceptable, and unethical. No amount of prayer, “inspirational messages”, or Jesus will prevent another tragedy like this from unfolding again. Only metal detectors, gun laws restricting a child’s access, and gun laws getting guns out of our schools will accomplish that. Anything short of that is wishful thinking, or as they like to call it, “praying to God”.

However, the real danger is the indoctrination of our children. Katherine Stewart of Truthout reported on Christian Missionaries targeting children between the ages of 10 to 14 for indoctrination. By exploiting “Freedom of Religion,” missionaries insinuate themselves among children, encouraging the belief of Jesus being our only savior, and encouraging those indoctrinated children to pressure “non-believers” to follow their cause.

Jan Akam, the director of the CEF chapter, starts with a brief introduction to Child Evangelism Fellowship:

“We have shared the gospel with over nine millions kids worldwide,” Akam says. The CEF has more than twenty seven different programs, but she quickly focuses on the Good News Club program and its setting, the public schools. “I used to go to Sunday school But when I heard that you can go to a public school and share the gospel with kids who never heard about God, I got really excited!”

…Her aim is to teach us how to lead children to salvation. “What happens when a child says to you, ‘I want you to lead me to Christ?’ she asks. “A lot of people get panicky. The class will walk you through the steps of counseling a child.”

“Ask them, “What is God’s punishment for sin?’ Tell them that the punishment for sin is being separated from God forever.

“Ask a child, ‘Can you think of anything you can do to get rid of your sin?’ Guide them toward salvation by asking questions like, ‘Who is the Lord Jesus? Why did God send his son into the world?

“Ask questions to see if the child understands how to receive God’s salvation. Explain God’s condition for salvation: you have to admit that you sinned, and you have to believe in the Lord Jesus if you want to be saved.

The Joy of doing that [converting children in their public schools] is unbelievable,” Akam exclaims. “You’re hooked!”

Only allowing Christian organizations to gather in our schools, even in off hours, leads to confusion to impressionable children. They are left with the belief that what they are being told is true, with the reasoning of, “If it wasn’t true, then why did I learn this in school?”

Many Americans believe that prayers in schools are innocent enough, and some believe that our children will be better off with more religion in our schools.They look back to the past and simply don’t recall as many school shootings as there are now, and they believe it was religion that saved them from such atrocities. Why do they disregard the fact that children had a more difficult time obtaining firearms back then and it is much easier for them gain access to them now? After an incident like the school shooting in Ohio, why do they not call for an attempt to limit a minor’s access to firearms or possession on school property, but instead turn to Christianity as their only savior? Why is this not deemed dangerous?

It certainly does not appear as though this “innocent enough.” Consider the number of states who have been pushing Creation agendas in our public school system. Now consider Christianity has already infiltrated our public schools, denouncing science as “Satan’s evil words.” In an academic setting where science, facts, math, and literature is being undermined by religious dogma, there is an inherent danger over what we are teaching our children. Are we squashing their natural curiosity to ask “why” with the response, “you must have faith?” Are we teaching our children how we adapt to our environment and our impact on the Earth, or are we simply teaching our children that “God is the caretaker of the world. Only He can create, thus only He can destroy?”

And perhaps most importantly, if we are the land of religious freedom, free to practice our religion without oppression, then where are the origin stories of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and Scientologists being taught? If school prayer is limited only to Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion, then why are Mosques not allowed rent free access to public schools for worship; why is it only offered to Christian-based churches?

We must not forget our religious heritage! The Puritans did not come to America to avoid religious persecution. They came here because they were no longer tolerated in England because of their extremist views. It is not that they wanted to practice their religion freely, but rather they wanted to oppress other religions further than England permitted them to. And that is the Christian legacy, to oppress other religions in order to maintain their status quo, their false sense of superiority, to attempt to convert all non-believers in this world, by any means necessary.

So when Republicans tell America, “We’re Broke!” and push for austerity measures, we must ask them to defend the non-tax exempt status for religious schools and hospitals, which are not places of worship. When Republicans cry over their perceived “war on religion,” we must ask them to defend the religious stance to oppress women’s and gay’s rights! When Christians push for creationism in our schools, we must ask them to defend their obstruction over Mosques being built in their community or near Ground Zero. Just as Christians fear Sharia Law, we must be as equally afraid of secular law based upon Christian fundamentalism. In America, we have the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion; implied is the freedom from religious oppression. We must remain free from one religious group oppressing the rights of non-believers, and the threat in America has only been by the Christian “right.”