A Guide to the Internal Organs for Our Right-Wing Friends

This morning I was watching some pundits on MSNBC and overheard the following, “If people vote with their heart then Perry has a good chance.”

Regular readers of my rants know my theme about critical thinking, so this fits right in. Voting “with the heart” is just a polite way of saying “voting without knowing the candidate or the issues and not caring enough to do so.”

So I am putting forth this short guide for TeaBaggers and other Republicans…”Internal organs and how they can help you in your voting decisions.” I am hoping this gets around to enough folks to be of assistance:

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Hands: consider these “fact antennas.” The five basic senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the way you take in reality and what your brain uses to establish…wait for it…facts.

Heart: A powerful muscle in your chest that pumps blood throughout your body and keeps you alive. While vital for survival, it cannot parse facts or make decisions. Some feel it’s where the ‘soul’ lives but I would argue…logically, of course, that the soul resides in the brain.

Mouth: Often referred to as ‘right wing garbage spew hole’ this organ is the one most often abused by right wingers. When properly connected to the brain organ, the mouth can be very productive and useful in transmitting facts and logical arguments.

Foot: Too often this organ is placed in the mouth organ by right wingers. It doesn’t belong there. This unfortunate condition can be avoided with proper mouth-brain connectivity.

Brain: Located within the skull, for folks who possess one, the brain is very useful in parsing logic based on input, like a computer. It is where all good informed decisions are made.

Now I know some of you feel computers are the devil’s work…but just trust me for a minute and don’t be afraid. Using your brain isn’t evil and not banned by the bible. If you hook your brain up to your ‘fact antennas’ you will find that without too much effort you can start understanding how the world actually works instead of giving up and deciding things with your non-thinking blood pumping muscle.

You’ll start to do things like understand climate change instead of following politicians who lead prayers for rain. You’ll learn what words like ‘socialism’ and ‘ideology’ mean, what the debt ceiling actually is and what history has taught us and how not to repeat it. You’ll begin to be able to tell the difference between a total nutjob and someone capable of making informed decisions.

Hopefully with this guide the GOP Tea Party will eventually disband with the inevitable realization that it owes it’s very existence to this prevalent misuse of internal organs.

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Edited By: Sherri Yarbrough