Why Facts Matter…A Personal Plea

It’s quite a statement about the imminent “idiocracy” in this country that I or anyone would feel compelled to write an article called, ‘Why facts matter’. I mean…duh.

The fact that matters most of all is that the average American voter is lazy. Too lazy to check or process facts. And when you have enormous media concerns with agendas filling our eye and ear holes with whatever they please, it’s no wonder more people are more accurately informed about American Idol than who is running for president.

So accepting the premise that across the board we have a nation of ‘idiocratic’ citizens, let’s break it down by party.

My experience with the uninformed on our side, the leftie nut-jobs, is that they will substitute conspiracy theories for anything they are too lazy to learn and understand. Can’t understand all that science and physics about how buildings fall down? It’s much easier to say Bush had a hand in 9-11. Chemtrails, moon landing…you name it. It’s all black and white explainable science for those who choose to learn.

However annoying, the slightly redeeming thing about the laziness on the left is that there’s this kernel of inquisitiveness, some glimmer of possibility that critical thinking may eventually occur for this person because in their distrust there is a desire to know more. It’s just that they aren’t of an open mind to learn, but can potentially be informed at some point.

On the right however we have an irredeemable paradigm called faith. Based in religious conservatism and ‘family values’, this person has been trained to not question things they don’t understand but simply have ‘faith’ that the Lord meant it to be, or that Father knows best, or that the Fox News commentator is telling the truth…because he threw in some comfy conservative buzz phrase. You can see where I’m going with this.

People who are willing to accept things they don’t understand on ‘faith’ are easily manipulated. In church it provides comfort for some who can’t handle pondering their own mortality, or that of a loved one – it’s important for them to have faith that there’s a better place after this life. I say fine…whatever gets you through the night.

But once you step out of that church and become a regular citizen who can vote. You are affecting me with your vote. At that point it becomes personal to me, so I am making this personal plea to those given to total ‘faith’ on the right:

Please use your brain. Please stop being lazy. Your stupid-ass Tea Party just voted to downgrade my country’s credit rating and made me, and everyone else, lose money. God, whatever your God is, doesn’t want you to substitute faith for facts, you won’t find that in your Bible or any other. God wants you to use facts to make good decisions and establish your faith based on the facts. Stop being blind to people using religious and conservative phrases instead of facts to sway your opinion. Please…think.

As the GOP debates are starting to ramp up now and the candidates become defined, please, just once, visit a site like http://factcheck.org and look at how bad your representatives and candidates are. And in reality how they lack your moral belief system that you are projecting on to them.

I have faith… that facts matter. :)

More at http://screwrepublicans.com

Edited By: Alexis Atherton