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Tim Pawlenty Drops Out of GOP Race

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After a disappointing third place finish in the Iowa straw poll election, Tim Pawlenty has decided to drop out of the GOP race.

Via Boston Globe

DES MOINES – Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the Republican presidential contest this morning following a disappointing finish in yesterday’s Iowa straw poll.

“I wish it would have been different, but obviously the pathway forward for me doesn’t really exist so we are going to end the campaign,” Pawlenty said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Pawlenty, at one point seen as a top contender for the nomination, never really gained traction in the race.

But in yesterday’s straw poll – which is nonbinding but symbolically significant – he placed a disappointing third, trailing fellow Minnesotan, Representative Michele Bachmann, and Representative Ron Paul, of Texas.

Nobody should be shocked that former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gave up so early. Pawlenty has never shown any determination or mental strength while running for President. In the first Republican debate, Pawlenty backed down on his attacks of Mitt Romney and his claim that health care reform should be named “Obamneycare”. He was also a conformist, never being able to distinguish himself from the pack and always adopting the most traditional conservative stance possible. Now that Pawlenty is out of the race, it’s more likely that Sarah Palin will enter the race to fill this void. Pawlenty dropping from the race is good for America as he had no backbone to stand up to entrenched and vested interests. It appears that this symbolic election has killed a symbolic figure of political weakness.

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