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Foreign Aid Greatly Damages Egyptian Relations

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Is foreign aid beneficial to U.S. foreign policy? If corporations can buy out U.S. politicians, then it makes sense that the U.S. could dramatically influence the policies of smaller countries. However, $65 million in democracy grants to Egyptian groups has severely strained U.S. relations with the transition government in Egypt.

Via Christian Science Monitor:

The Egyptian government’s hostile response to a U.S. initiative to fund pro-democracy groups has strained America’s relations with its biggest Arab ally during a critical transitional period for Egypt.

The tension has been building since March, when the U.S. announced plans to distribute $65 million in grants directly to pro-democracy groups. But the angry and wide-ranging response from the Egyptian government and military, which has gone beyond typical Egyptian criticism of American foreign policy, has raised concern in Washington and underscored the challenge the U.S. faces in navigating its relationship with a newly independent Egypt.

The Egyptian government has been so offended by the foreign aid, they described U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson by saying, “The ambassador from hell lights a fire in Tahrir.” Although the U.S. has good intentions with the foreign aid, the State Department decided upon a terrible strategy for supporting democracy. Instead of putting additional pressure on the transitional government to support democracy, they’re undermining the current government by sowing the seeds of a 2nd rebellion.

Along with the recent withholding of Pakistani foreign aid, this situation symbolizes the desideratum for foreign aid reform. While programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are constantly facing budget cuts; our poorly managed foreign aid programs continue to run without any fear of cuts. Don’t get me wrong, foreign aid can certainly be beneficial to the Earth as well as U.S. foreign policy. However, current U.S. policies towards foreign aid appear too inept to produce any valuable results. America MUST care about its own citizens before throwing money at foreign, pointless causes.

Read the full article at: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2011/0812/Why-Egypt-is-angry-over-65-million-in-US-democracy-grants

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