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Rick Perry Believes He Can Win California

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In a recent interview with Time, Rick Perry gave more evidence he’ll enter the presidential race. Perry not only believes that he can win the Republican nomination, but also believes that he’ll be able to steal California from Obama.

Via Time

Mark Halperin, “A generation ago, Republican Presidential candidates, President Reagan in particular, competed coast to coast: New Jersey, California, states that have become, now, reliably democratic. If you ran would you aspire to campaign in California and win that in the general election?”

Rick Perry, “Yes sir, I actually have had that conversation. Now I’m enough of a realist to know that California is a pretty high hurdle for a Republican. But I’m going to go out there and I’m going to have a story that’ll [make] a lot of people—Independents and maybe even some Democrats—look at me and go, “That’s the type of individual that we can get behind. You know to make America proud of itself again.” I think America is an exceptional country. I think we have a great story to tell. I think the world needs a strong America both economically and militarily.”

California is governed by Jerry Brown, a man some consider to be Rick Perry’s arch nemesis. I believe when the Republican primary comes around, Governor Brown will certainly be working to make sure any other Republican wins his state. Former Governor Schwarzenegger went on a speaking tour for John McCain for the Election of 2008, and California still didn’t vote red. If Perry is lucky enough to square off against Obama in the 2012 Election, Brown will be working harder than a brown bear preparing for winter. Sorry Perry, but if California decides to turn red it certainly won’t be for you.

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