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Zadroga Bill Doesn’t Cover Cancer

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The Zadroga Bill was passed last December and gives health care to first responders of 9/11 as well as civilians who were affected by 9/11. However it appears that the fight to give health care to sickened responders isn’t over. Now, a new study determined that the government will not have to pay for cancer treatment because the link between cancer and 9/11 isn’t sufficiently strong enough to warrant free health care.


Cancer-stricken Ground Zero responders and residents will not be eligible to receive benefits under the federal Zadroga bill.

An initial review found there is not enough scientific evidence to support adding cancer to the list of disease linked to September 11, 2001, health problems.

The review, released Tuesday, is required under the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act created to aid those sickened after the attacks.

It is the first such review of scientific evidence of exposure to contaminants at the World Trade Center site and cancer and noted that “very little” has been published on the topic since the terror attacks.

The review was based on scientific findings, data from health agencies and information from the public. The next review will be released in 2012.

As moral citizens, we can not allow this to happen! But which members of Congress should we announce our dissatisfaction towards? The sponsors of the bill are Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey and Representative Carolyn Maloney from the 14th district of New York.

To contact Senator Bob Menendez, go HERE and voice your complaint!

To contact Representative Carolyn Maloney, go HERE and voice your complaint!


You can contact her office at 202-225-7944.

If you decide to contact one of these representatives, please post a comment announcing this fact. We need to show our support for the Zadroga Bill!

If you would like to see this immorality ridiculed in a more humorous, you can check out this clip from The Daily Show.

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