We Are Not Pawns in the GOP’s Sick Game

Republicans across the country have tried to force their policies down Americans throats and they are using an age-old advertising trick of puffery. Puffery, for those who are not into marketing, is when you insert key words into the advertising of your product, service, or in this case, policy. The GOP is trying to master the art of deceptive marketing, and so far, they are doing a good job. Well, why not? They have FOX News helping them give out their distorted message to the American people for free and they have billionaire funders like the Koch brothers to promote their message through ads. They are very smart though, because in using deceptive marketing the GOP is able to attract their target market; idiots who are easily brainwashed. They have created a game of words, but they do not realize that this game they are playing affects real people.

I have to applaud the GOP for their tireless efforts in duping the American people though. They have done a great job of that. They are making people think that the GOP really cares what happens to them, at least in a typical republican’s eyes anyway. The republican voters think that this battle the GOP is waging with the Democrats is actually helping them, but in reality, it is not. The only people benefiting from the GOP policies are the big businesses that are employing people overseas. I am just surprised that people do not wake-up and see that the GOP only care about who funds their campaign.

The problem with this is that the American people are actually believing the garbage the GOP puts out there. For instance, the new budget plan; they GOP knows it is crap, they know it will be rejected by the Senate, and if it for some miracle gets passed the Senate, they know the President will veto it. So why waste OUR tax dollars, all this time, and our sanity watching the sideshow to do it? It’s called a smoke screen. They want you to look there so you do not see what they are doing over there. The GOP have no real plan except to cut programs and create more unemployment. For some reason the GOP does not seem to realize that those government jobs they want to slash are still JOBS. So instead of actually helping the country get back on its feet, the GOP keep pushing us into the ground.

So who wins in this war on the budget and spending? To me, it should not be about winning or losing, but that is what the GOP has made this about. John Boehner’s office made that quite clear when I called and spoke with his office staff the day after the GOP took over and she chanted, “We win, we win, we win.” It seems like this is a game to the GOP and we are all the pawns. The GOP wants to cut so programs that help the less-fortunate because of their belief in ‘survival of the fittest’ and their sick way of introducing Christian beliefs into law. Maybe instead of asking who wins in this battle, we should be asking who loses?

We do. All American regardless of political affiliation lose. We lose money, we lose jobs, and we lose our dignity. We just got our name back around the world when Bush left and now we are just seen as a joke. We are seen as the teenager of the world who, when they do not get their way, argues with each other about absolutely nothing that actually matters. History is supposed to be our teacher, but it seems as though the GOP is not willing to learn. They talk about the education in this country? Well they need to look in the mirror and get educated themselves. And I am not talking about school, get educated with what is going in this country. Come walk a week in the lives of the average American. The average American who has to struggle to put food on the table. The average American who goes through their stack of bills trying to decide what’s more important, the gas, electric, car, or house payment. The average American that cries themselves to sleep at night because they are lost without a job and are ready to lose their home. The average American that just needs Washington to stop bickering and remember who they are fighting for, and who pays their paycheck.

The GOP need to stop all the puffery and bickering because this is not about being winners. This is not about the next election. This is about the lives of every day, average Americans. Our lives are not games and we live in reality. We are not the GOP’s pawns they can use when they feel the need to be defiant. We are people and deserve to be treated and regarded as such.