Dear Mr. President

I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this with my fellow democrats/liberals/progressives, whatever you want to label yourselves. However, I think we need to redirect our anger for a moment – just a moment. I wanted to share with you a letter I am writing to the President because I think it is important for all to see this.

Dear Mr. President,

I fought for you in 2008. I stuck up for you in 2009. In 2010, I defended you. It is now 2011, and I have yet to see you fight for me and others like me. Do not get me wrong, I know your position is tough and I would not want your job for all the ‘tea’ in China. However, it seems as though you have lost something. I know the something you lost can be found again and I am writing this today to help you find it.

In 2008, I had blisters on my feet the size of silver dollars walking to get your message out to the people. My voice was hoarse from calling people for days, weeks, and months to answer their questions and settle their concerns. I faced bigots, racists, and ignorance head on to overcome the stigmas about you. I believed in you and your message. I got my mother, who had not voted since the 1970’s involved and re-registered to vote for you. She helped me with flyers and walked with me to make sure we got out the message. My son got involved in school and the Nick vote and felt so proud he was ‘voting’ for a man who knew where we were coming from. We were with you every step of the way, not missing a beat.

In 2009, when the tea party came out with their message of hate, I came at them with your message of love and respect and common sense. I was right there passing on the message of hope and change to every person I talked to. My faith was unwavering and my support was steadfast for you and what you had to offer to the American people.

In 2010, I hit every social media site, wrote articles an blogs, developed a radio show and really tried to push the message. The noise was overwhelming against you and the republicans seemed to take my voice away. I explored every avenue and went down every road I knew to keep getting your message out, but it seemed to be useless. As I kept on with the message, even though it seemed as though I was silenced by the right, I noticed something else taking away my voice. You, Mr. President, had lost your voice as well. There was no more campaigning and no more great speeches to keep the American people hopeful. There were deals at our expense with the GOP and backroom conversations that really made me wary. In November of 2010, I was silent.

Now it is halfway through 2011, and I am slowly finding my voice again as you are slowly finding yours again too. But, Mr. President, you are still missing something that needs to be found. It is that long thing going up the center of the back. Yes, you have lost your backbone. You have lost the ability to fight for us. We are yearning to see that man we saw in 2008 that made us believe in a future again. A future that looked so bright for all Americans. That brightness had faded and turned dim. I sit here and see the GOP with the only voice and the only spine, but they are not standing up for us. They are standing up for big business and the wealthy.

What about me, Mr. President? Who is going to fight for me? I fought so hard for you and stood straight in the face of adversity. Now I feel as though it was for nothing. Please do not get me wrong, I still support you and what you stand for Mr. President, all I am asking is you do the same for me. I know you have it in you, I saw it in 2008. Please let me help you find your way. I, no WE, need you Mr. President. The voice that is speaking the loudest is not the one that speaks for me, and from what I am seeing, it is not the voice that speaks for most Americans.

I do want to say thank you, Mr. President, for being a beacon of hope for us. You just need your spine back to stand up to the GOP and tell them they do not speak for us. And when you find it, we will know because we will see the man we voted for again.

Thank You.