ABC News is More Disgusting than Fox News

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Fox News is a horrendous “news” channel. One could think of it as the Venus fly trap of news channels. When you first come across the channel, it may seem like a news channel just like CNN, CNBC, etc. But then as you stay on the channel longer and longer, it traps you with fear and sensationalism. Now that you’re trapped, your mind will be digested by Fox News and you’ll be absorbed by them to become energy for Fox News’s life.

So how can ABC News be worse than Fox News? Like everybody else in this country, you probably don’t watch ABC News. But you know that they’re not sensationalist news with a political agenda. And you would be right. But there are some acts that are just so immoral, that they even trump the problems associated with Fox News.

ABC News was actively supporting Casey Anthony in her trial. When she was originally charged with child neglect and endangerment, ABC News paid her $200,000 for family footage and pictures of Caylee Anthony. The Anthony family then used this money to pay Casey Anthony’s defense lawyers.


ABC News is facing sharp criticism over the disclosure that it paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Florida woman who now stands accused of killing her own daughter.

The $200,000 payment in August 2008 to Casey Anthony was used for exclusive rights to reproduce family photographs and videotape of her then-missing 2-year-old, Caylee.

The pictures and footage were used on Sept. 5, 2008, as the heart of a story on ABC’s Good Morning America and a full-hour treatment later that night on the prime-time newsmagazine 20/20. Casey Anthony was charged with child neglect and endangerment that day. The next month, she was indicted by a grand jury on charges of murder.

To make matters worse, ABC News cut hundreds of jobs before the $200,000 payment. Fiscal responsibility at its greatest! I know that Fox News is a terrible channel, even corrupt, but there are some actions that are just so immoral that they take precedence over the problems of sensationalism and political agendas. Sure, Casey hadn’t been arrested for murdering her daughter at the time of the payment. But she was still a strong suspect in the case, so ABC News knew there was a good chance she was a murderer. On July 15, 2008; Cindy Anthony told reporters, “There is something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.” For this horrific immorality on the part of ABC News, I urge the Addicting Info community to boycott ABC News. But luckily for ABC, you probably don’t watch their news channel to begin with.

In today’s world of corporate corruption, there’s still good news for ABC. At least Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. beats them out for title of “Most Corrupt”.

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