Republican Politicians Hate America

During the 2008 election we had to hear ad nauseum from Sarah Palin about who the real Americans were. Apparently real Americans don’t live in major cities, don’t work in banks, don’t play golf. Real Americans we were told live in the Mid West and work on farms, and the stay at home moms take their kids to sports events, like good little housewives.

Of course we all know that this was a bunch of drivel, and was merely the deranged desperate rants of the rube head of a rube family, trying to sell us on the magic of some bygone era that people pine for, but never actually existed.

But the one thing we were told repeatedly, perhaps even more than which of us was a true American, was how much all the politicians from all sides love America. Republicans have become world-class at telling us how much they love America, their unmatched patriotism makes many of them, and especially John Boehner cry endlessly at the sight of an American flag, soldier, veteran, a cheeseburger or American flag lapel pin.

So given this enormity of Republican patriotism, it is interesting that they are so hell-bent on winning the 2012 election, they will do anything it takes to bring this country to its knees in the hope that Americans will be too stupid and/or too ignorant, to understand who drove the economy off a cliff in the first place, and who is currently standing at the top of the cliff making sure we stay down.

Right now our country faces a slew of economic problems as we recover from the unprecedented spending spree of George W. Bush. A president who literally flew billions of dollars out of the country to bribe various enemies, during one of the most expensive military conflicts in history (that he initiated). And how did Bush save for his two trillion dollar game of Risk? He didn’t. Just keep doing your thing he told Americans. No taxes to pay for the war, and in fact massive tax breaks for the corporations and millionaires who profited enormously from these long, unnecessary and intractable wars (with subsequent occupation, policing, and rebuilding).

Back in the present, Republicans are pointing the finger at President Obama, claiming that despite the reality that the economy was in free fall when he took office (or fundamentally sound, as Republican presidential candidate John McCain famously described it). And as we try to wrestle debt, deficit, debt ceiling, unemployment, government waste (and by that I mean our out of control military spending, not paying teachers to teach our kids), the Republicans have repeatedly dug their heels in, refusing to negotiate on just about anything at all. Even when Obama brings forth dozens of Republican proposals (turns out he isn’t a liberal, Marxist, Muslim or Socialist), they still refuse to discuss things like ending spending on completely unnecessary tax breaks for billionaires and millionaires, or even closing loopholes that allow corporations and rich people from simply not paying what they are supposed to under the law.

It wouldn’t be so bad if each party was simply negotiating towards a reasonable compromise that would move our country forwards. The Republicans simply won’t budge at all on tax, since most of them have signed a ‘tax pledge’ to kiss up to the Tea Party, and the present cannot possibly provide new evidence that causes us to rethink our past actions right?

Call me cynical but when a party acts so indifferent to serious economic issues that could hurt millions of Americans, it is hard for me to take a leap of faith that they care at all about America. When a party is willing to push us towards a second recession, even when they are being offered 80-90% of what they wanted, you no longer have a democracy, what you have is a party that wants to be a dictatorship. A party that wants 100% of what they want, and screw anyone else who would like something different.

We are seeing the true colors of Republicans since they won the last election. Despite running on a platform of job creation and ‘adult’ stewardship over the economy, they have provided none of the above, nor have they even attempted to. Their initiatives range from rolling back women’s rights, defunding anything they perceive as liberal (and their perception of liberal appears to be anything that is not radical right-wing conservatism), to laying off teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and other government workers. Stripping the disabled of their meager benefits, throwing children off health care programs (interestingly we just slipped to 46th in the world for infant mortality, according to the CIA World Fact Book), forcing retired poor people off the medicines that keep them alive (death panels anyone?), and so on.

But their reign of terror is only just beginning. Their recent performance in the debt ceiling negotiations make it abundantly clear that they could not care less if this nation slips into a depression. They don’t care if our international credit rating is devalued, along with our reputation around the world (and the catastrophic fall out of such an event). They don’t care about the long-term unemployed being kicked off the tiny welfare that allows them not to be homeless. They don’t care if millions more jobs are lost as a result of their bad decisions (“So be it,” as John Boehner famously told us). Just so long as Americans are on their knees praying for their situation to improve, then they can swoop in, pin the economic problems on Obama, and win the next election.

It is hard to imagine that such patriotic people who cry at the sight of an American soldier would be willing to rape our country in this way, and cause misery to millions of Americans in the process. But here it is for all to see (unless you get your ‘news’ from Fox News). All you have to do is look objectively at their actions, policy decisions, anti-women initiatives, and genuinely bad decisions, and ask yourself why would they do all this if they really loved America?

Then finally, you only have to look at the candidates they have fielded as potentials to take down Obama next year to really see where their collective heads are at:

Michelle Bachmann, a religious fundamentalist and gay hater who obeys her husband as the Bible tells her to. A person who won’t be that interested in fixing long-term problems for America because she thinks Jesus is coming back any day now. Married to a man who receives government funding to run a Christian therapy clinic who perform such useful services as ‘fixing’ gay people, and turning them into ‘normal’ straight people.

Newt Gingrich, a guy so crazy most of his campaign team resigned en masse and was recently revealed to be running a campaign that was a million dollars in the red. Doesn’t sound very fiscally responsible to me.

Mitt Romney, a Mormon. Yes, a magic underwear wearing cult member. And before anyone comments that the Mormon church isn’t a cult, please go and read the testimony of thousands of former Mormons who share candidly their experiences in the cult on this non-profit website:

Rick Santorum, another Republican who doesn’t believe in evolution, and who tried unsuccessfully to add language to the failed No Child Left Behind Act that would have forced teachers to openly question evolution in science class, and teach Intelligent Design as if it were an actual scientific theory. And of course he hates gays, doesn’t want them to have equal rights, would like to outlaw abortion, and use various methods of government interference to legislate social values and ‘morality’ on people. A couple of other douche bag statements he made included a suggestion that the poor people who didn’t have the ability to evacuate New Orleans during Katrina should face ‘tougher penalties.’ And of the Catholic church child sexual abuse scandal he basically blamed the problem on liberals and homosexuals. Because, presumably liberals and homosexuals are the same as pedophiles in his mind.

Sarah Palin, despite quitting her job as a public servant to become rich as a reality show star, and despite touring the country in her campaign bus, she has not officially thrown her hat in the ring as of yet, choosing instead to tell us what she thinks on Facebook, and in the occasional air headed quote to a news reporter.

In the year 2000, I was fortunate enough to watch the Space Shuttle blast off one night. It is a spectacular sight to behold. On our way to the launch site we were given programs which included information about the astronauts who were going into space. What struck me about the bios were how amazing these people were. Many had qualified in intensely difficult fields, perhaps they were medical doctors or similar, and then they had gone to another prestigious school and picked up a PhD in advanced physics or whatever. While doing all this they had qualified as pilots, built homes for homeless children, cured cancer etc. These people were just incredible. It was plain to see that NASA picked the best of the best.

The thing I find odd is that when we pick the next person to lead this country, we dredge up the kind of nasty scumbags you see listed above, bimbos like George Bush and Sarah Palin. Grumpy old man McCain or people like Andy Martin whose claim to fame was writing spiteful racist letters calling into question the birth place of Barrack Obama, and calling him a Muslim.

These people are not impressive. These people are not intelligent, well-educated, inspirational people. Most of them seem to be a bunch of silver-haired old dudes who pretend to want an efficient small government, but their definition of small means cutting out anything that helps anyone, gives all the money we do collect to rich people and corporations, and then uses any left over money to force religious and/or socially conservative, sexist, homo-prejudiced laws and ‘values’ down our throat in an invasive and intrusive manner.

Now maybe I am wrong, but when you combine the deliberate and repeated attempts to prevent Democrats from fixing the economy, like they did under Bill Clinton, with fielding a bunch of crazy nut jobs to replace Obama in 2012, you really do have to ask where the evidence is that they don’t hate America.