The World Loves Obama

In light of the opening of the 2012 primary campaigns, I feel like I need to share a story with you.

Foreign Relations are becoming more and more important every day, as globalization proceeds faster than anyone could have ever imagined.  After the eight disastrous Bush years, nearly the entire world hated the United States.  From an immoral and illegal war to refusing to take part in climate change agreements, Bush generally made a mockery of everything people once saw the United States as standing for.

At the time of the 2008 elections, I was living overseas.  Although I have heard the climate was intense here in the States, I can personally attest to having never known the world to be so in tune with American politics.  If we had held a world-wide poll, Obama would have won in such a landslide it would likely have discouraged people from ever running on the Republican platform.

The level of dislike for George Bush can never be overstated.  He was, frankly, a joke to the rest of the world.  People disliked his attitude towards the rest of the world, and it was understandable.  Now, it is important to note that I am talking about regular people, not the governments of other countries.  These people weren’t being brainwashed by Fox, like so many here are, so they saw right through the lies.  These people’s opinions were also not being tainted by a need to remain civil with the government of the world’s only super power.

And then, the message of Change filtered through from us to them.  There was a whole new attitude towards the United States.  At risk of sounding like I am embellishing for effect (I am not), people would come up to me on the street, ask if I was American, and then tell me how highly they though of Senator Barack Obama (this was after the primary, before the election).

And then, November 4th.  I was sneakily observing the election, while feigning work. About 30 seconds after CNN declared Sen. Barack Obama to be President Elect Barack Obama, a friend of mine, a Thai, walked over and told me how proud he was of “your country for electing a good man like Obama.”  I have never, in my life, been more touched then I was at that moment.  That a man completely isolated from American politics knew enough about Obama to know EXACTLY when he was elected, and that he was a good man says a lot to me.  I had people telling me for weeks how much they liked Obama, before he had even taken office.

I can’t speak for these people now, I am no longer overseas, but I can tell you this:  If you want the world to like us, reelect President Barack Hussein Obama.  Unlike Americans, the rest of the world can see that the Republicans are screwing us, and the world.