Republican Antichrists?

Well, after the buzz about the end of the world and the Rapture and all that, I guess I am feeling a bit ‘Bibley’ so this is my take on the ‘Republican Revolution’…
The Anti-Christ can return to Earth just like the Messiah can…in fact he is expected to be here right now carrying out his works…

To make my point I will refer to the Mormon’s take on the subject…’In a broader sense Mormons believe that the anti-Christ, “is anyone or anything that counterfeits the true gospel or plan of salvation and that openly or secretly is set up in opposition to Christ. The great antichrist is Lucifer, but he has many assistants both as spirit beings and as mortals.” (Book of Mormon: Jacob 7: 1-23, Alma 1: 2-16, Alma 30: 6-60) [39]’ Taken from Wikipedia…

Just who are these ‘Antichrists” you may ask? Well we will start with the ‘Ricks’ of the Republican Party…

First on my list is Rick Scott, Governor of Florida. Rick Scott is one of the bright and shining darlings of the New Republican Party…I say ‘new’ because this is what they want us to believe but we all know that is a lie…same leopard…same spots…
Antichrist Rick Scott’s work is in squeezing every drop of blood from his constituents with drastic cuts in just about everything he could find to inflict pain and suffering. This is how one of their own puts it…“A reduction in state spending? Well, first, that’s just going to reduce jobs,” said David Denslow, head of the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Demographic Research.
“It’s going to be another headwind in the economic recovery,” said Denslow, an occasional adviser to the Republican-led legislature. “You’re cutting employment, reducing infrastructure spending and lowering the amount of money going to communities. That’s going to have a negative effect.” …Needless to say Antichrist Rick Scott’s approval rating has plummeted as a result.

Second on the Antichrist list is of course none other than Rick Santorum…a truly sick individual however you slice it… This is just a reminder of what this Antichrist is capable of…’
Senator Rick Santorum is trying to rush a bill to the Senate floor that is so badly written that it could undermine civil rights protections in the workplace — and make health care less accessible, more discriminatory and riskier.

This legislation would make it easier for individuals to impose their religious beliefs on their coworkers or customers. Unless stopped or amended, Senator Santorum’s bill would increase the likelihood that employees could ignore an employer’s policies against racial or religious harassment of coworkers.’ This is just a taste…and more can be found here… where he is lovingly known as…’The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.’ … he is sometimes just ‘ the frothy mixture’ for short.

Third on my soon to be famous list is none other than Antichrist Rick Snyder… here is his claim to fame thus far…’

The governor, on his own initiative, can declare an economic emergency in any town and appoint an administrator. The administrator can be any person, including a corporate person.

The administrator has the power to do anything in the name of economic stability, including void contracts, void collective bargaining agreements, dissolve the town council, dissolve the school board, fire anyone including elected officials, hire private security, unincorporate the town, and sell off public property.

The people of the town have no say in this. They can neither demand nor turn away the administrator. That is because this provision is meant to be used against the people…’ The full story is here… His constituents are currently trying to recall him.

Fourth is none other than Texas’ own…Rick Perry…famous for his take on schools…which went like this… ‘Well, there is a lot of fat to cut from our public schools, especially those in our biggest urban areas like Houston and Dallas. I am concerned that some the highly diverse Magnet public schools in this city are becoming hotbeds for liberalism. Do we really need free school bus service, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, ESL, special needs and enrichment programs like music, art or math Olympiad? I think we should get back to the basics of the three Rs, reading writing and arithmetic. I mean when is the last time a 6th grade science fair project yielded a cure for a disease?’ …Read this stunning interview here.

Fifth on this infamous list is none other than Antichrist Scott Walker…he needs no introduction. He has become famous for his attempted licking of the balls of whom he thought was one of his big Contributors. Of course he was a famous Antichrist even before his ‘Teabagging’ attempt…as the Trojan Horse who waged war on the unions. Keeping to his Antichrist theme, he is also famous for waging this war on Wisconsin to compensate for a shortfall of $137 million, while putting forward his own tax cuts to the tune of averagely $140 million by some estimates… says it would add $117 million to the two year budget cycle which starts July 1st.

Sixth on the list is Antichrist Senator Scott Brown who is fast becoming famous for his support of fellow Antichrist Paul Ryan’s Budget Bill. Of course his claim to fame came from his nude photos in the centerfold of a magazine….and his embarrassing claim that his daughter was available, at his victory speech. Of course this headline certainly turns it up a notch as well…“Olbermann: Scott Brown’s A ‘Homophobic, Racist, Teabagging Supporter of Violence Against Women’.”

Seventh on this auspicious list is none other than Antichrist Scott Fitzgerald… fast becoming a favored Antichrist in his own right, he is backing the infamous Antichrist Scott Walker in his fight against the people of Wisconsin… and he is no stranger to Republican strong arm tactics including his willingness to have the Police arrest Democrat Law Makers…” Wisconsin’s Senate Republicans voted Thursday to find their AWOL Democratic colleagues guilty of contempt and disorderly conduct, and order police to bring them back to work by force, if the missing senators did not return by late afternoon.”

Because the Dogma is the Gods created the Universe in seven days, I will end this list at Seven…although it is my suspicion that if I continued we can reach the magic count of 666…
As you can see I just named The Antichrist Ricks, The Antichrist Scotts…and Antichrist Rick Scott…but there are many more Antichrists in The Republican Party…to be sure.



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