One Birth Certificate Should Be Enough

Birtherism – The movement to investigate whether or not an African-American has the right to run for or occupy the office of the presidency of the United States of America, in an outright attempt to delegitimize the credentials of a non-traditional version of the traditional, status quo representation of the presidential imagery of the establishment comfort zones most have been trained or brainwashed to accept as legitimate.

Bill O’Reilly can go to straight to hell with his fair & balanced, bigoted, hypocritical cowardice. Donald Trump is the victim—really O’Reilly? Trump has been unfairly charged with racism—really O’Reilly? The far left is trying to paint an unfair portrait of Trump—really O’Reilly? You have got to be kidding me! And some disbelievers still have to wonder about why Fox News has such a shady reputation, well look no further than what we have here to find the answers to your wonders. No one made Donald Trump open his mouth, and no one made Trump happily and eagerly place his egotistical foot in it either. Trump is not the victim of a racial witch-hunt. Trump is the little boy who kept crying wolf until the wolf finally showed up in the form of the truth, which is the main element that was outrightly missing throughout the Trump accusations. Haven’t we learned anything from Mother Goose or the Brothers Grimm? When someone purposely cries wolf out of self-serving, self-proliferating narcissism, instead of genuine concern, it doesn’t take the public long to figure that corrupted, ulterior motives are at play. Conservatives, like Bill O’Reilly, can try to spin it into honest curiosity all they want, but most of the non-conservative world knows exactly how ulterior such actions truly are, and they also know what specific motive it is that’s being played out.

I’m not going to call Donald Trump a racist. Maybe he is; maybe he isn’t. I don’t know, and I don’t care, but what I will do is challenge him, along with all of his conservative gofers, to the truth. How can you, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News or anyone else, justify your unscrupulous, gutless, suspicious, knuckle-dragging decision to pick this president to be the executive, presidential guinea pig for this Frankenstein-like birther experiment? How do you expect non-conservative people to actually believe that the ideology of birtherism was always bubbling just underneath the political surface stoked in an unpretentious concern that’s been brewing for years; only to be manifested now through President Obama? These Right-Winged based birthers pressured a sitting U.S. President to prove the legitimacy of his citizenship, not once, but twice; and non-conservatives are supposed to believe that it’s just a mere coincidence or some badly timed technicality. Why now, and why him? I don’t care how much money Donald Trump has. They don’t print enough money to buy away my common sensed ability to see the Jim Crow shuffle being danced by a megalomaniacal comb-over.

Since the far left is being unfair to Donald Trump and other birthers who have decided that President Obama would be an excellent choice for this birth certificate, guinea pig experiment, please allow me to attempt to corral a few feasible possibilities as to why President Obama was the right president, at the right presidential time, to be sent through the presidential gauntlet of legitimacy. Could it have been because he was a new president? All Presidents are new. Could it have been because he was unreasonably uninformed? He was no more uniformed than any other president. Could it have been because he oversaw significant spending policies? No more than any other president, especially our last one. Could it have been because people don’t trust him or believe in his abilities to lead? President Reagan was almost senile, and people trusted his ability to lead. Could it have been because the American people feel as if President Obama has his own agenda? Well, what president didn’t have an agenda, especially our last one? Well, this one has me flummoxed. There is something about President Obama that’s different than all of the rest, but I just can recall what it is, due to my hysterical enthrallment in this conservatively labeled “Post-racial-society!” Can any of you all help me figure out what this is?

I’ve combed through some of these possible explanations, and the one that I keep boomeranging back to is the one thing, the one difference, that separates this current president from all others who have come before him, and that thing is actually a hodgepodge of differences, from the Islamic name to the color of his skin. As I’ve said before, I can recall hearing Donald Trump on CNN talking to Larry King, as he blasted former President Bush back in 2008 during the height of the economic meltdown. Now even though Mr. Trump described President Bush as the worst president in history at that time, I find it strikingly ironic and fraudulently fallacious that he never asked to see President Bush’s long form birth certificate, and he failed to mock Bush’s academic transcripts or his bourgeois military record. In this case, I would ask why not now, and why not him. When the country was doing significantly worse under President Bush, he was given the benefit of the doubt; regarding his validity, but now that the country has tried to claw its way back under President Obama; he’s only given the detriment of the doubt; regarding his!

President Obama, despite the dissatisfaction of many of his detractors, is a class act, because I, Bryian R., would not have been so welcoming about any demands regarding my birth certificate. If someone like a Donald Trump or a Sarah “The Palinator” Palin demanded to see my birth certificate, they’d better have a damn good reason for it, because I won’t hesitate to tell anyone who poses the birther question to my origins to kiss my ass where it counts, which is eye to eye with the exit sign. And by all means, if I did supply my birth certificate, and it was still considered to be unsatisfactory by some wannabe politician’s standards, and then they demanded that I go out of my way to produce another birth certificate, the gloves would come off, and the Jim Crow, brass knuckles would go on. How dare someone ask or demand that another human being produce a second birth certificate. That is arguably the most blatantly disrespectful, de-humanizing act of prideless arrogance ever displayed. It’s the racial equivalent of asking Chicken George from the Roots Series to produce his freedom papers, and then going a step further and asking him to prove that it is his former master’s signature!

If some idiot demanded to see my second birth certificate, I would tell them to take it up with the state of Arkansas, and if the state of Arkansas was proven to be distributing fraudulent birth certificates, then I would sue the comb-over pants off of its ass, but if the state of Arkansas stood by its declarative work, and if the federal government backed the state of Arkansas by recognizing it, the lost sheep dog and his henchmen had better hit the road jack, and don’t you come back; no more, no more, no more, no more, because you will not demoralize or minimize my existence, and you will not drag my integrity to its death behind your political, pickup truck. If I was President Obama, one birth certificate would have been all the birthers would have ever received from me and not a certificate more! If the certificate of live birth issued by the state of Hawaii was good enough for all Hawaiians, then it should have been good enough for the birthers, because one birth certificate should have been enough! The state of Hawaii has the right to pick whichever version of a birth certificate it wants to be the legal version, even if it means the certificate of live birth like the one President Obama first presented. These birthers and Tea Baggers are always so quick to harp on state’s rights, but ironically failed to honor those state’s rights as they completely disregarded Hawaii’s state right based decision to legitimize its version of an official birth certificate—proving once again that lip service is not at a premium!

So to all of the Bill O’Reilly’s, Sean Hannity’s, and Greta Van Susteren’s of the world, I say that it’s time to stop coddling Mr. Trump. He is an adult, not a child who needs to be led around by the hand. When you make adult demands, prepare to have many of those same types of demands hurled back at you, and remember; this is not even the primary season yet. If Trump is a victim, then it’s by the reckless wielding of his own sword. It’s like the old saying goes; “What goes around, comes around,” and you won’t be able to just “fire it” when it does.

And furthermore, Donald Trump had better run now. After all of the non-sense and political grandstanding he’s put forth, he needs to run. The same way that he demanded to see two birth certificates, I am now demanding to see his running papers, and he’d better not pull a Ross Perot either. When the going gets tough, I don’t want to see Donald Trump hitching up his getaway horse to get going. If this presidential matchup ever becomes official, the liberals should be the first ones standing in line with their gloves off, even if President Obama declines to do so.

Bryian K. Revoner
Author of the book The Fear of Being Challenged: Democratically Independent; I Am the Realacrat