The (Not-So-New) Republican Health Care Plan

By Gregg Ryan

The (Not-So-New) Republican Health Care Plan:

(1.) Don’t get sick!

(2.) If you DO get sick, don’t expect US to help (or even CARE for that matter)!

(3.) If you get sick, please die as soon as possible, because we republicans just can’t be bothered with your problems, and we have our OWN problems to worry about! (We’re just too busy making money from: (a.) collecting more “contributions” from our corporate “sponsors”; (b.) selling more (bullshit) books ; and (c.) stirring up more racism and hatred by speaking at those WONDERFUL “Tea Parties” and “patriotism” events!)

(4.) Oh! While we’re talking about that… how much money can you give us? (It takes a LOT of money to buy enough votes to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare, and ensure that American women get treated like second-class citizens when we republicans take over!).