Treasonous Republican Sabotage ??

While listening to the morning talk show with Host Mark Riley on WWRL 1600 AM in New York on Tuesday April 19 2011, I was fortunate enough to catch the interview of a certain Ms Applebaum, an economist who made it clear in no uncertain terms that the Actions of the S&P on Monday April 19, which reduced the American Fiscal Outlook rating to “Negative” was in certain informed circles, being seen as a suspected clandestine attempt at political control of the Obama Administration.

This view of suspected corrupt dealings by the S&P, is being bandied about because just the opposite is in fact the case, as voiced by some economists of well known outlets… the Economy is on the rise and the Recession/Near Depression caused by the Bush Years is subsiding, economic growth and the addition of Jobs are taking place as we speak.

This suspicious and mischievous “downgrading” comes fast on the heels of the President’s speech in which he voiced his resistance, to succumb to the Republicans and Cloaked Fascists in the political Arena who all want to destabilize the middle class and privatize social programs including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. It is well known that the Ryan Budget Proposal will have a real and negative affect in devastating the middle class, on whose backs the recovery is built and depends on. The hypocrisy…and no surprise… is that Paul Ryan is also a recipient of the same Social Security program he now wants to destroy.

It is no secret that since the Great Depression, Fascism has been on the rise in certain Wealthy circles, with the expressed intention of secretly taking over the US Government and using the Government’s powers for their own purposes of self enrichment. An ideal that has in 2011 seen the advent of Washington being overrun with more than 11000 lobbyists entrusted with this task. This is a video of the Fascist’s plot to replace F.D.R.

It is also no secret that the Republican party has begun a National Campaign to stifle and sabotage the Economic Growth and recovery of the Country, their actions having the Ideological signature of the Old Fascist Secret order started in the Great Depression. Ed Schultz gives his take on the subject.

The question now, is are they trying to circumvent the positive actions of the present Government by using the pressure tactics we see being displayed by the S&P, who are obviously in full understanding of what their downward rating would have done…evidenced by an immediate drop in the Financial Markets, which in turn throws much more panic and concern into the Financial Speculative Aura, upon which the Global Financial Markets thrive or die.

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